Here’s Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best Luxury Sedan Ever

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The 2001 BMW 750iL is a special car – and I think it’s the most beautiful luxury ….

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  1. in some earlier model e38’s the front seats have the adjustable slider for the heated seats 🙂

  2. Had one. Black/black. Was really powerful. Took off like a rocket. Great interior. I had the IL edition. Great sound system too.

  3. The E38 750iL and E39 M5 are my grails. This era was peak BMW IMO.

  4. My dad bought one of these in 2004 and still has it today. Even though he's spent a small fortune on maintenence over the years, it's his pride and joy and he will never part with it. Such a beautiful beast of a car.

  5. I bought a 1998 brand new. Opted for the 4.4L V8 because the V12's had issue. Was black on black, and had bulletproof glass.

    Best driving car I've ever owned, and I'm really considering finding another one and restoring it.

    Sticker was $72k, while a 750iL was over $90k. Had virtually all options including the cold weather package.

  6. This kinda brings memories, im 35 years old, and when I got my license, my parents had a 1998 BMW 740i therefor this was my first car and the one I learned to drive in, it was a very solid car, and as he said even closing the doors, everything seemed so solid. The design was also very nice, and manufacturers didnt focus on oversized ugly grills like now. Thanks for this review

  7. My 2 favorite cars will forever be the 1990-2000 Jaguar XJ6 (I like I6s) and the 90s BMW 7 series. They are so elegant and poised. Those designs are old, but have aged beautifully

  8. Probably the best looking BMW. In terms of best looking sedans of all times, it doesn’t rival Jaguar XJ (x300) or XJ series 3 and Mercedes W126 in my opinion.

  9. I can’t believe you reviewed this in 2018!!! It feels like it came out yesterday! Gosh—

  10. Doug, I fully agree with you here, for me this 7 series is the best luxury sedan, and best of all the 7 series

  11. E39 is a bit more timeless in terms exterior looks in my opinion, but man, E38 is a beauty as well!

  12. I remember this car being a big deal on release. But ended up feeling tacky real quick.

  13. what's up with phones in cars from this period? I have a 2005 Audi A6 and it has a fucking phone in it… Didn't people in 2001 and 2005 have mobile phones? Back then phones were quite cool and small… My Audi A6 can be connected to a phone via bluetooth and speak through microphones build in into the dashboard.

    Actually… many people told me that i sound better from the cabin of my 2005 Audi, than from the build in Microphone of my handsfree/earbuds that are connected to my Smartphone, manufactured in 2022…

    I think that phones in cars were quite unnecessary 😀 Bluetooth connection to the board computer of the car and mics build in into the dashboard is good enough by itself:)

  14. That is the cleanest and newest BMW 7 E38 I have seen… It's literally cleaner than what my dad received when he bought it back then.

  15. “It felt so thick and so solid and felt so nice to touch”

    Please tell me that was on purpose

  16. @Doug Demuro, in a few years, you can try a super rare, as well as super expensive, and surprisingly well built distant relative of the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Marauder, Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Lincoln Town Car in the Hongqi CA7465. I hear that it rivals, if not exceeds, what BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and even Rolls-Royce and Bentley, offer with their vehicles.

  17. i drive a E38 728I perfe,t power for me 0 to 60, 7 se,onds and will do 145mph all night and good on fuel and just looks like this .people look . best bmw ever made .and press the bak off the key fob the trunk opens 100%.


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