Here’s why the BMW Z8 is worth $ 200,000

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS BMW Z8 is a unique BMW – and the best models are for sale ….

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  1. I have a connection to this car a family friend that was like my mom gave me a scale model of a euro spec z8 and I fell in love with BMW

  2. Still don’t think it’s worth the 200k . For that money there a lot better ,more rare , better looking , better performing cars , this is a hype job car honestly . For 200k can I hear the exhaust or only air ??

  3. What a dumbf… this guy didn't even understand what he's talking about. The Z8 was an in-vitro birth of the 507 … no one needed both.

  4. Dude….While you do informative and quality videos, sir, when you '"finally" do get around to the driving portion of these videos, why don't you show what the driver see's than more of your face and rapid delivery. It would be much more exciting to see you shifting thru the gates and hearing the engine sounds instead of you

  5. I thought you were 'The History Guy' [THG] when I was turned away from my screen. You sound so much like him. Peace. JB

  6. Never saw this video, but Dougeee, that was one f'ing amazing review, right down to the little red button rear view mirror switch.


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