Here’s Why the Ferrari 348 Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Reputation


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  1. The wheels on the front axle are mounted incorrectly.
    The running direction is wrong !
    They are correctly mounted at the rear.

  2. Less is more. The entirely analog 348 is the biggest bang for the buck. The 355 has brass valve issues. the 355s electronic adjustable suspension goes out. the 355 spider's roof is one piece and costs $60k to replace. its now or never for the 348 – the shrewdest sports car purchase in the entire Ferrari market.

  3. I don't understand the hate on this model. Looks clean, sleek, interior is minimal but not "weird". Looks like a MR2 and Testarossa had a baby. shrugs

  4. Totally disagree. I drove that car in the early 90's and, even then, it was already a piece of shit. Ridiculous performance, bad brakes and a very scary floating steering when you were over 120kph. And every time you used it needed to be warmed up. A Nissan 300ZX was a much better car for a third of the Ferrari's price.

  5. Always loved this car this is the first time I’ve known any hate towards it obvious I haven’t googled it since I first saw it as a kid

  6. $10k for a belt job because the entire damn engine needs to come out….that's Ferrari for you! And here I was bitching about BMW and how everything was so tight under the hood that half the engine needed to be disassembled for something like a water pump replacement.

  7. That font in the gauge cluster is Sport Type. Seen on The Price is Right and various game shows from Mark Goodson.

  8. I agree with everything you are saying Doug, I finally got my 348 after 6 months of waiting for my brother to let it go. The handling and feel of the steering is sooooo much fun. The other wonderful thing is 4th gear. This is where the real power comes into the game .. When you are doing 90 to 100 MPH in 4th there is a lot of torque .. I can jump almost a city block ahead of other cars with ease. This is my second ferrari. I had a Daytona in the 70's (12 cylinder 6X's 2 barrel carborators) .. I don't remember the Daytona feeling like the 348 which is a life-sized Go Cart !!!


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