Here’s Why the Lamborghini LM002 Is Worth $ 400,000


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  1. This silly little person imagines this absurd POS is worth 400k. Once again I am amazed and amused people listen to this creature. I hope most of its subscribers are here just to laugh at the stupid it spews.

  2. 9:18 I cam only imagine how much it costs today. It costs me almost 70 to fill my 19 gallon fuel on my Lincoln town car

  3. Lamborghini built this in an attempt to fight for military contracts, it went for markets such as the US Army, UK Army, Italian Army, and French Army. It won our hearts, but zero contracts. Lamborghini was financially struggling and this was one of many efforts to get more money for the company. Imagine if this had won out instead of the HMMWV.

  4. The rear area is of course where your guards sit. Let's face it, they basically built this for the sons of Saddam Hussein.

  5. Doug is the type of guy to get pulled over in the lm002 and ask “did you look under the back seat?”

  6. This was a contestant in the Humvee competition. Dodge and Lamborghini were both part of Chrysler corporation and it was demean up by the Lamborghini team.

    Obviously the Humvee version would have been powered by a sensible Diesel engine.

  7. I read a review of this one when I had a subscript to Car & Driver and they talked about taking it off road. On the trail they said if they hit a hole at high speed you barely felt it because they suspension was so overdone.

  8. That hood slam sound has to be the single coolest hood sound there is in the automotive industry.

  9. Me:telling my friends that I own a lamborghini
    Friends :get very exited to see
    The lamborghini :

  10. They had a "check engine" light for left and right cylinder banks because the Bosch injection ECUs catered for V8 engines at the most. Lambo being a V12 they had 2 x 6cylinder ECUs, one ECU for each cylinder bank. (BMW V12 of that era had same setup)

  11. If the world goes to shit by virus or ww3 I know what car….with fuel tanker… to take on my journey for survivors..Still waiting to hear why it is worth 400k


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