Here’s Why The Land Rover Defender Costs $70,000 (Or More)

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS Here’s why a 20-year-old Land Rover Defender costs $70000 — or more — in … .

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  1. All body on frame cars tend to keep their value more than the regular and boring unibody SUV. Because the old school never dies. It's called retro and classic.

  2. The 1997 Defender only came with an automatic transmission, which is what set it apart from the 1992-1995 models.

  3. 70k for a defender? Here in UK they can be found as cheap as £5k or less, and usually these are very very reliable cars, providing you avoid automatic gearbox and the ford engines

  4. rugged car intended as a farmers all rounder car, simple mechanisms usually last the longest. remember that. Yeh the reliability isnt the best, american made cars are just as bad tho lmao

  5. I'm laughing because there's so many people saying they're the chosen vehicle in third world countries when the Toyota landcruiser is the far more popular option, and blows the defender out in every category that matters.

  6. The defender is a great car that has its imperfections, although I think that people are reacting to his sarcasm a little to harshly. to add I'm American and I love this car

  7. I don't get it.
    The Isuzu Trooper is a really nice truck which should be worth more than eighty bucks.

  8. shut up you belland the reason they are good if i was in any other car me and my dad and my brother and my sister would of died but because it was sturdy we all fucking survived no thanks to you

  9. You really can’t critisize any UK car, that includes the defender. Just look at your countries cars… SHIT

  10. Simply the best car test of any make at all time, I’ve watched this a dozen times just to cheer myself up. If you know someone who’s down, link them this, thanks Doug.

  11. Yeah. But when your Ford Raptor gets stuck in the mud… I guarantee a Defender will be the best car to get in there and pull it out. So there's that.


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