Here’s Why the Maserati Levante Just Isn’t Worth $80,000

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The Maserati Levante is a new SUV from Maserati — and it’s the end of … .

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  1. Now we get to hear why I'm wrong from a bunch of people who have never driven a Maserati Levante. Also, Maserati will come to my house and break my legs, arms, and ears. Yes, they will break my ears.

  2. Maserati has really let themselves go with this one. The interior is partsbin chrysler, and gives off the vibes from my mom's 2013 RAV4

  3. I thought that this video was slowed down. I never knew you once spoke normally. 🙂 In your newer videos you speak way to fast, almost comically fast.

  4. Maserati is no different than BMW or Mercedes. Overpriced unreliable pieces of trash. I've owned several of all three. The Japanese spanks them all. Buy a lexus. You'll be much happier

  5. Doug is such a tool…

    He didn't flip shit when Mercedes came out with an SUV, or BMW, or even Lamborghini. He apparently has a hard on for trashing Maserati though.

    And "It sounds pretty good" ??? Really Doug ? Name ONE other 6cyl that sounds better. Just one ?? That's what I thought…

    I really used to like this guy before, until I started being able to afford some of the cars he's reviewed, and found that IMO, he really is pretty clueless in many instances. Now ? Well now, I think he's a blowhard, and dismiss him entirely (if I can even make it thru his entire review)…

  6. Umm I will say you sound pretty dumb for not understanding that up by the dome light is a very common place to put a power rear lift gate button. Every minivan I’ve ever been in has it there.

  7. This car truly was the absolute worst value ever. It was nothing more than a brainchild FCA turd… truly no more valuable than a Hyundai Tucson… and somehow they leased these for $700 a month. I truly hate conglomerate initiatives and corner cutting.

  8. Man all newer Maseratis are genuinely such shit over priced badge on wheels
    Any Lexus SUV completely shits all over this thing

  9. This car is actually the worst suv I’ve seen… my speced out Acura MDX 2022 is much better than this car for cheaper

  10. The "Undefined On/Off" button in the Armrest Stow provides the same function as the vent in the glovebox. When On it cools whatever is in the stow but unlike other cars (Land Rover) it provides a slight breeze into the stow but I don't think it's able to move the temperature more than a couple degrees. Nice thought, but worthless!

  11. It’s funny! As soon as a car comes out I may like, I come straight to YouTube to see what Doug has to say about it haha. He’s my car and driver expert!

  12. Going back to this Doug-era and comparing it to the videos of today it becomes oh so obvious that Doug of today is way too speeded. Start tuning the whole clown-gig back please.

  13. If Maserati was much less expensive, then this would not be as big of a deal. Reminds me of the SNL Chippendales skit, where Chris Farley (Maserati in this case) and Patrick Swayze (all other Supercar/ Brands)… Maserati tries with all its might, but not nearly in the same class.


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