HIGHER TRAINING VEHICLE on the Nardo Speed ​​Ring (You can see it from SPACE) | Advanced Equipment

Clarkson, Hammond and May try to figure out how to speed up their cars during a high-speed race on the Nardo Ring. Hammond ….

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  1. You cant see it from space, do you people just enjoy being lied to? You cant even see the Great Wall of China from Space moron

  2. Off topic for a Moment: Who agrees that when you drive fast it’s an indescribable feeling that you get from it which is super satisfying ?

  3. Even going from 100 miles per hour to 200mph makes a massive difference in their faces if you look closely Lol

  4. One of very few times I've seen actual, genuine fear on Jeremy's face. Watching this made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I don't think anybody could even fathom going over 200 miles an hour

  5. Lambo and McLaren sent like a FBI Top secret team to prepare the cars

    The Noble car Team be like :nahhhh we too lazy for all of thats work

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  7. This just proves how good the noble is, Lamborghini and mclaren both sent engineers to make sure the cars were in perfect condition for the test, and the noble just had the short man, and still won

  8. Man, in my opinion, the Lamborghini is the prettiest and most exotic looking car of the three. I don’t care about performance.

  9. in my opinion James was the winner of that, he got closest to his car's top speed by a substantial margin

  10. I've met a lot of guys from the states that say they would never buy an exotic car because their muscle cars can be built faster for cheaper. I would like to see them try that in any American muscle car and come out alive when they're finished. You have to respect the sheer speed that these cars can achieve. And it's all because of the unbelievable engineering. That's why I love supercars. The time and engineering that goes into every single supercar is astonishing. And it makes them worth the price in my opinion. I've been a passenger in many exotic cars, the fastest was a 2017 Aventador S. But the one I went the fastest in was a 2016 R8 V10. The driver was being a bit of a moron, we were on this big 4 lane highway pretty early in the morning. He was test driving the car and brought me along with him. There was this massive straight with barely any traffic that went on for miles. So he decided to "see what the car could do". Well by the end of the straight we blew past a highway patroller at whatever the top of 6th gear is in an R8. About 10 seconds before we passed the cop I saw 301kph indicated so we were going even faster than that by the time we got to the cop. Insanely stupid, we could've died so easily. I feel slightly less stupid because I wasn't the one driving, but still. The cop didn't didn't even try, we just took the next exit then got back on the highway then took some weird routes to try and confuse him if he was looking for us, and it seemed to work. But yeah that was on a flat highway with new pavement in a more modern car than what they were in when they did this challenge. It would take some serious skill, car control, and balls to drive that track at that speed. Especially Hammond, considering he'd already had a life threatening accident doing the exact same thing. And his car was the least prepared, the least advanced, the most powerful, the rear end gives out insanely easy in those, and it's a manual. That actually makes a huge difference. He's having to take a hand off the wheel to change gears. I would definitely want paddles in that situation. But yeah props to the cars and drivers

  11. What's with the new video titles: "FASTEST CAR at the Nardo Speed Ring (You can see it from SPACE)", did you put a 12 year old to come up with them?

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  13. Them: lets go around 200mph.

    Germans: Hold my Beer
    *goes beyond top speed

    Also them: So slow, my VW Golf is faster

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  15. If James was in a faster car he probably would’ve won because let’s not forget he set a speed record in the veyron ss

  16. This is from when Top Gear was awesome……. When it was an event worth waiting all week for, worth waiting all year in the off season.

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