HIGHLIGHTS: F35 Jet vs McLaren Speedtail | Advanced Equipment

Sure, we already are, but technology has advanced a bit. The F35 flight is one of the fastest and most advanced aircraft ….

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  1. Это наверно специально показввают чтобы ввести в заблуждение.
    Для современного самолёта необходим подвал с возможностью выезда на поверхность, где размещена бетонная площадка в виде квадрата

  2. did the mclaren take off in the end? If n ot, what was the point of racing it against a flying war machine that does 1000mph+ ?

  3. Yes let’s test the £97,000,000 fighter jet against a mclaren I wonder what could possibly happen. The f35 can do 1,200 mph but the mclaren can do 250 so it’s anybody’s race really. Imbicels trying to copy old top gear because they were so much more successful than these incompetent oafs. Without watching I can tell you the fighter jet will win.

  4. I was confused between buying a McLaren and F35. This video cleared my mind thanks. I shall rather use my bicycle. Thanks.


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