HIGHLIGHTS: New Land Rover Defender | Advanced Equipment

The new Land Rover Defender must go the wrong way: It should be a dream come true for the elite – but it is also needed ….

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  1. your just talking crap this should have been called a disco and it would have lived up to its name with all the lights flashing on the dash this will not last off road and in 7 years time the will be worth less like the range rover
    they are another tarmac car view VIEW LAND CRUISER COLOMBIA to see a real off road 4×4
    they doe that day in day out with no dealer ships in site

  2. In Denmark the Defender 90 starts at 105.000 GBP for the entry version. Yep, that's over a hundred thousand pounds!! Thank you socialism….

  3. 1:08…"Every measurable way.." Not in sustainability my friend with 85 computers and Air Ride it will be as its creators designed it..excellence in the short term (15 years) afterwards more expensive to fix than the vehicle will be worth. When a little Computer that cost $25 to build costs owner $550 to buy … And not better in looks..its nice but the previous was the best looking "Jeep" in the world..this does not look like a Jeep.

  4. You design cars, at Honda you press a few keys and out comes the new generation (but ugly) Honda Pilots. They fire you and next you are working on RL Discovery.

  5. The new land Rover isn’t a real defender it’s a disgrace to the real defender it won’t ever live up to the legacy of the old one


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