HIGHLIGHTS: Volkswagen ID.3 | Advanced Equipment

Ten years to date, the answer to any question about buying a car will be “Just get an ID.3”? Well, let Jack of Top Gear Magazine ….

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  1. I drive e-golf or ID.3 through shared car share in Berlin. And if I can get e-golf instead of ID.3 I always do. I hate this trend of going touch screens instead of buttons. I guess if I didn't need to drive that would be fine. But since we still don't have AI that drives for us these touch screens and touch buttons instead of proper buttons is significant safety reduction, because now I need to keep my eyes on screen instead of road just to change fan speed – something I could do while keeping eyes on road in golf. Very bad.

  2. I dont have a problem with diesel gate!, E.V. sucks. Wonder if children mined the lithium. Oh that's ok. Were saving the world

  3. And we'll never see it in the US because companies habitually don't understand the US consumer.

    This car would sell EXTREMELY well in the US.

  4. where the buttonzzz vw.. climate and volume + fan speed 3 or 4 buttonzzz
    is this the future how much did you save? is this the vission? those
    golf 7 gti interior feels and looks like private jet compared to this

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  6. Same gear selector as an i3, not a bad pc of packaging but people 'new to evs' will not be fans of it I fear

  7. freekin uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy interior. just make it look like a car that the f is that ??!?! And please what's with the 2 tone paint job, hideous!!

  8. The petrol you "save in a year" is quickly offset by the installation of a home charger (£500-800) and the cost of insuring or buying them is also much higher. Don't fall for this latest gimmick

  9. I can't understand how the price tag of £25,000 is seen as normal/ affordable. That is so much money for a vehicle. I don't care what you say. Anything over 5k is a bad deal. Because cars depreciate, cost money to repair and can be money pits!

  10. That big stuck for the parking looks like a huge tumor stick out… otherwise its kinda ok. Would like too see a bit more detail put on it not only 2 touch screen monitors

  11. Just reading the comments of losers in life, you can hate him but your whole generation will work hard and never reach just a quarter of his riches.

  12. Why is this guy copying the presentation styke of Richard Hammond? Just doesn't look right. It's just old Top Gear copycat…

  13. Once again Top Gear up to their usual tricks of poor standards and not telling the truth. I notice that they did not mention the fact that the reason the car's screen was not on was because of the massive software issues that VW are having.
    Reports came out that show that engineers were reporting the ID.3 is having over 300 issues and faults a day because the software id not ready and in fact is so poor that VW apparently are having to go back to the drawing board with the OS.
    Top Gear also did not mention that the most expensive trim of the car does not let you use the rear middle seat, so you pay for 5 seats but can only use 4. That would be like buying a house with 5 bedrooms but only being able to use 4 of them.
    The list of faults and issues goes on but a usual Top gear will not mention them, even going as far as saying that diesel gate should be swept under the carpet once and for all. I do not think so considering that VW got off VERY lightly and still are at it. Last year a German court found VW guilty of their fix for affected cars was in fact a cheat!
    This is one reason why I no longer respect Top Gear and why they need to change.


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