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Honda e is amazingly beautiful, cleverly crafted and full of technology… but you will pay for it. Yes, for the third part of ….

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  1. I don't believe electric cars will truly take over in the US until they are hitting a $20k-$22k price with a reliable 300+ miles of range. That being said, this car looks cool. It definitely fits the role of an urban, short-range grocery-getter kinda ride.

  2. You need to be an eco boring div to drive this shit . For me rs6 all day . No one cares about the environment.

  3. I know this is easier said then done but with more range that could have been a game changer…the new mini even.

  4. I like this car a lot, but I think where the research failed is taking stock into the 'security' factor. I don't feel comfortable knowing that my car cannot drive long distance if it needed to.

  5. I've always been a Honda fan. . . but you realize how ugly it is inside. . . if you turn off the displays it looks like a trabant

  6. The Honda E is all style over substance. You can't do a long journey with it. Its range is concerning. I could see myself squeezing a longer journey out of a Renault Zoe, but this no chance. This is a statement of you being stylish and it is nothing more.

  7. I don't know you guys in London, but here in Toronto driving 100miles in the city a day..more than what is likeable.

  8. Weirdly enough the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was ''We want a new Mr Bean Series with this car''

  9. This is simply a "statement" car from Honda. It is not practical even for a small family and it is so expensive that it puts the vast majority of buyers off buying an electric car.

  10. All these car companies are coming up with these lektric cars they could take it where the Sun don't shine I will never buy electric car I like my gas cars


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