Honda City Turbo II: The 80s hatchback with motorcycle in boot | Top Gear RETROspective

The Honda City Turbo II was ahead of its time. Not only because it was a small Japanese hatchback surprise, but also because ….

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  1. That motocompact is so small, I'd be embarrassed to ride it. It's like a clown-mobile.

    Forwards, Honda, not backwards.

  2. I thought the addition of an ebike motocompo would be a good idea, but the speed/acceleration on that thing is just embarrassing. It needs to be at least as fast as the original.

  3. I'm restoring my City Turbo 1, she's getting a new turbo too, more boost and maybe a repro Motocompo. I love the boxy shape.

  4. Honda City is still available but in the form of a Sedan. Sold in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Australia, China and Pakistan.Now City has entered the 7th generation.

  5. Miyuki Kobayakawa & Natsumi Tsujimoto and YUA Fans thank the video. Great content I hope this will be the new old formula for TG!

  6. It's really funny how these things come full circle. I see people park in the Park-and-Ride and take out their electric scooters.

  7. 5:55 ngl, I almost tear up seeing the Honda e overtaking the City Turbo. It feels like a proper comeback that you never even wanted in the 1st place. Not to mention both cars are beyong my reach and I've been vicariously living through youtube.


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