Honda Civc Type R vs Land Rover Defender Works V8 | Gravity Competition | Advanced Equipment

Nothing about the drag race is wise. That’s why it has to be done. Prepare yourself if the big V8 box takes ….

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  1. land rover paid a good chunk of change to have the guy driving the type R to not even take off, and just drive like hes doing an easy breezy daily drive.

  2. Haha.. this is scorn and funny..brithis engine is the best.., but most of the wasteful of fuel ! japan engine fuel eficient and durable.. but bad suspension too not luxury..

  3. That was a fairly close race though the FK8 was blowing past him. Factory spec FK8s aren't very fast on a straight away, they're only a bit quicker than my lightly modded FK2.

  4. You are sooooo far the best speaking video maker. Loved it, I love the way that you said if I make it over the finish line alive, cracked me up. Nice defender

  5. £150,000. who would want to buy that big box for that much money and end up being smoked by a civic lol.

  6. The defender is basically a brick on wheels with a V8 strapped to it…… kinda like the G63 AMG…… It lacks aerodynamics

  7. Why not do a real test, 150k Land Rover V, any supercar at 150k, but a 33k civic… and it still lost, imagine what the civic would be like if you sunk another 120k into it….lol Top Gear is dead.

  8. "Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning." So Top Gear should get some new guys. And not to mention that it costs 150k pounds, for that much money you can get a GLS 63 AMG with 585 hp, more power, full luxury and a whole second faster 0-60 time.

  9. What? 150.000 for a Defender? that's stupid because it's low quality axles and everything else. Race it agains a G55AMG, it only has 100 less hp after 15 years of "evolution"


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