Honda Civic Type R vs Hyundai i30N vs Renault Megane RS Cup 280 | Gravity Competition | Advanced Equipment

Who controls the pull from the modern hot hatch world? Find out if Honda’s Civic Type R is taking over the Renault Megane RS ….

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  1. the honda has more power and walks better on straights but on the track the megane rs is phenomenal far superior to the type r due to the aerodynamic load

  2. I would recon type r not a hot hatch, its length is nearly as long as wrx sti, it is more like a sedan rather than traditional hatch back. It is a beast though

  3. Megane rs 280 hp güce göre gene iyi dayanmış.Keske megane rs'in 300hp gücündeki motorlu versyonu ile yarışsaydınız


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