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This is the Honda CR-V! The fifth generation CR-V rolls in bigger than any previous edition, and it’s here to take on the likes of the … .

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  1. does anyone tried diffrent OEM tire for the CRV ? my CRV has oem hankook kinergy tire which is not a quiet tire when i drove the car on harsh street

  2. Wanna buy it ?
    Cause i have 10 years of experience owning it.
    You can never go wrong with this car. I had the 2.4/2.5 petrol auto it was quick as hell. Also I did service regularly at Honda so during the 10 years there was absolutely no problems. Never had shown a code (after coming to UK in 2022 only i learned about codes in cars lol) .Handling was mwahh. I was in Oman so, the top spec didn't have leather seats or the sat nav, but rest were same.
    I did 269,000 km on it and had to sell it only because we were moving to the U.K. Also before selling it we went to Honda and had them check the car. They said it had no probs and the suspension felt like it was actually new (we didn't change anything).
    And now we bought a vauxhall insignia 09, but thinking back I miss the CR-V.

  3. Nearly 2 years in my 2018 CRV sport 7 2WD and it hasn't missed a beat. Powerful when you need in passing lanes. I live in New Zealand where there are a lot of twisty and up down roads and it has handled brilliantly in dry or wet weather. One thing though i dont like about is there is body roll in twisty roads and the engine is found wanting when there is a combination of uphill/twisty roads where you would need more torque such as in a diesel. Apart from that CRV 7 seat does not come in 4WD. I am thinking of a Kodiaq or Tiguan but I fear the reliability and maintenance of the VW line of cars.

  4. You're just in a rush when you talk about cars you don't like. This car is awesome.
    You think you know too much

  5. I hate how this guy trashes these review cars. Why did he have to splash that open bottle of water around?! And why the hell does he always remove the back thing and throws it to the ground breaking the stuff??? Does he pay for the damages done??? If i had to buy a car from the area matt does the reviews i wouldnt want to buy a car he reviewed unless they give a Matt damages discount on it. He really likes to throw those back covering things!

  6. I own one as my daily 2022 model. One shouldn’t really underestimate the 1.5t awd. Once you are over 60kph that thing goes.

  7. Awful presentation from you for this Honda… it is not a toy my friend. Also if you are stup1d as you ask your self, the answer is yes you are.


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