Hooning A New Ford Ranger Pickup Off-Road

We take the new Ford Ranger Wildtrack on a serious hoon through mud, gravel and snow! Then, Alex dons a drugs suit as part of …

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  1. You keep making American jokes but this Ford ranger is designed and engineered in Australia. USA didn’t even have them in their market for this model. Only reintroduced back into North American market in 2019.

  2. Offroading on a road and roasting the only market for trucks are we? Who let this guy review a truck when he has never driven one?

  3. Bloke is a d1ck mate, why take the p1ss out of the majority of us workers who buy a pickup for commercial use whilst your sitting there in your Jimmy Saville braces!

  4. What a complete cock! Making out people on building sites are thick and mocking Americans. I’d get rid of him with his pompous attitude and point out to him, his attempts at being funny are just coming over as an obnoxious twit.

  5. This is just the Average Vehicle you see everywhere in South Africa, even my boss got himself 1 recently.

  6. Complete tosser, how dare you disrespect the people who built the house you live in, unless it's a cave which is probably more suited to your Neanderthal demeanour.

  7. He said the top speed is 109mph… We tested my friend's stock ranger wildtrak (by the way I'm from the Philippines) and we saw it going over 200+kmh and that's like 130mph.. No joke

  8. It can tow only six American children please get your stats correct Alex, we unrefined Yanks rely on you Britts to provide us with accurate information. Thanks and love the show. Cheers

  9. Im from the Philippines, and I own a T6 Ranger as my first car and hey, im just 18.. I got my drivers licence in 2017

  10. I first ever pickup truck that I drove was a 1998 Ford Ranger that had a wierd handbrake that made me randomly stall many times which confused me, I was 12

  11. As an American truck owner (Tundra). I loved this review!!! Too bad his first truck experience was not in a Toyota… He would still be smiling…


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