How Fast Is the Mighty Twin Turbo Ford F-150 From 0-60 MPH? ) How Fast Is It and Will It Slow Down? 2018 Ford F-150 0-60 MPH – 6 Runs …

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  1. Better 0-60 times if the turbos were spooling up before launch! Such a huge difference in acceleration when building boost!

  2. He needs to put left foot on brake, get RPM's up around 3k – 3500 and THEN launch. The turbos are all spool-up and ready to lay it down bigly.

  3. Mine stock while brake torquing at 1500 rpm got 6.16. I think we could get 5.9 with boost at launch

  4. I got my 2019 last December, and after a year and a couple cross country trips, I love the 3.5 twin turbo EcoBoost.

  5. Is it true that the 2.7 liter TT V6 is faster than the 3.5 liter TT? I rented a F150 XLT with 3.5TT and it was quite fast and did a test drive of the 2.7 TT from dealership but couldn't put the pedal to the metal.

  6. My 19 f150 Fx4 crew lariat short bed 3.5 is a monster , world’s best keep secret , does everything with strength , power running boards

  7. For a quarter the price, my new to me '13 Jeep GC Overland 5.7 smokes the EcoBoost in real world stoplight action

  8. Loving my 2018 F150 XLT Sport 4×4 3.5 ecoboost. It's a rocket ship that pulls my 5000 lb RV like there's nothing there……..flat terrain or hills. Couldn't be happier

  9. With them being at 5000+ elevation, and the truck being a loaded full size super crew with 4wd , these times are pretty good. I’d say subtract a full second from that time at sea level. I live at 5600 ft so there’s only one choice for me- 3.5 EB!

  10. Alright you guys need to spool up the turbos before start and use 4H or 2 wheel. 4A isn’t perfected yet and your a 5500 pound truck in 4 wheel drive you do not need more traction

  11. I think the Ecoboost F150 will be spoken of in 30 years as a ground breaking design that changed the truck industry. Other dealers are already copying the aluminum bodies and are working on twin turbo V6 engines. The 3.5 isn't just the most powerful F150, it's the most powerful in the entire lineup. I loved my old 460, 5.4 and 5.0, but this thing is crazy. Ford took a risk and won.

  12. Took my 2019 out the other day, with sport mode and 4H, I did 7 secs, twice. Used my phone stop watch on my phone so it wasnt the most accurate but wasn't far off from what these guys were doing.

  13. Sounds like a upgraded intercooler will do wonders for these trucks . As it got warmer (assuming there wasnt much time between runs)??.
    Heat probably played a factor


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