How To Start Away From Starting Your Car (2020 RX and RXL) | Lexus

Welcome to the Lexus How-To series, where owners can learn more about their new cars. This Lexus training ….

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  2. Not understanding why my car stops running with I open the door never had a car like this before my Mazda has way more features that i Like more thanks Lexus and my Mazda has way more room inside can’t go to grocery store with my Lexus no room in the trunk I have to put my groceries on back seat this is awful for the price of the SUV

  3. The Company Lexus

    Not long ago I watched a video about a flying skateboard

    As I understood it works on metal plates with a magnetic field …

    there's a magnetic field in the earth, too.

    Try to setting your hoverboard on the ground..

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    I am Russian (sorry for the crooked translation)

  4. Remote starts are great, and recently mobile start systems have become popular, but for Lexus I expected way more…

    1) have to make sure all doors are locked first, not sure why the app cant just do that when you're attempting to start it like a normal remote start millions of other people have.
    2) as soon as you open your door, the car shuts off, which is the most annoying and useless extra strain on the car. No other remote start manufacture does this in the world. Those cars dont have higher theft rate because of it. In a day in age when cars can drive up to you automatically by using your smartphone,(Tesla Summon), this technology was severely rushed and not designed for users in mind, and is outdated. If I have my smart key+App/ phone I used to start it on my body, why does the car shut off? I will never understand this stupidity.
    3) the delays are almost unacceptable. I have LTE+ and it takes 20-30 seconds to get a response if the car started. I have DroneMobile on another car and that takes 5-10 seconds for acknowledgement

  5. Wait… so you HAVE to subscribe EVEN just to use the keyfob to remote start? Doesn't make sense to me… I mean, it's understandable that you'd have to have a subscription to use the app to remote start, but JUST to use the keyfob???

  6. Удивили капец. Уже давным давно пандора тойоту заводит.


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