How-To Use Dynamic Radar Cruise Control | Lexus

Watch for an overview on how to turn on Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in your Lexus. Shown on: 2019 IS Also applicable on: … .

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  1. This is very nice and I tested it out in a loaner UX250H but only for a very brief time. It brakes very well, but I watched it very carefully each time. When traveling behind a car that came almost to a stop but not quite, the car was smart enough to roll forward slowly and not get too close. It maintained distance and when the front vehicle stopped, so did mine.

    I imagine some day the systems will be able to see red traffic lights, or traffic lights at some point will be able to communicate with compatible vehicles that they are red to single to slow down. Vehicles surely will be able to have the computers communicate with each other some day so actions are known, such as hard braking, the split second faster which can help the trailing vehicles have crucial time to react. Of course, this is leading to more automation, which will save lives.

  2. When are you guys going to make a Wagon that will compete with Audi Allroad, or Avant versions of Mercedes and the new BMW3 series. Make the GS Avant and bring it back


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