Hummer H1 vs G63 + Jimny + L200: WAR PROBLEM!

It’s time for war again, and Matt has brought one of the strongest cars IT WAS to entertain our viewers – the Hummer H1! .

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  1. If you take a look mercedes doesnt have off road tyres so wheels spin in the mud so that 800nm of torque are useless. The hummer has off road prepared tyres so it takes advantage of all its torque. You can see its wheels dont spin at any time.

  2. While matt wonders how all three of them can't pull the hummer, Im wondering how in the world did they drive that there when its as big as uk roads!

  3. The Mercedes tires were kinda wet so the Hummer had a advantage because the H1 has bigger tires heavier, tougher and towing reliability is high-ish the merc is definitely light so as the Jimny the merc isnt just that good at tug of war to be honest.

  4. now do a test if a human body can reinforce the 3 cars against the hummer (i want ur body to rip in half)


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