Humvee vs Ford Raptor Offroad

Humvee vs Ford Raptor. We test the off road abilities of both trucks with driving over cars, hill climb, drag race, tug of war, and …

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  1. Humvee is a legend he can protect you he can have air defense he can have anti tank or machine gun even he slow but useful

  2. My v dekadentnej EÚ preferujeme elektromobil a green deal, poprípade podporujeme fašistický režim na Ukrajine.

  3. The old Hummvee is still a superior 4×4. But the raptor is still a very capable 4×4, with way more comfort. I love the Humvee though and that’s what I’d prefer any day.

  4. And I was in Alaska we had to pull them Humvees out of the snow and out of the sand in the Middle East

  5. Now up-armor both. Hummer was up-armored for the Iraqi conflicts. Let’s see if the craptor can handle that.

  6. Ese combate fue un poco injusto XD obvio la raptor perderá en cuanto a fuerza y resistencia nmms XD sus únicas ventajas serían velocidad y amortiguación


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