Hyundai Ioniq 5 review with 0-60mph test!

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  1. Cant swipe a phone while being sat still..ffs…people you are fucking BRAINWASHED…drones

  2. If Tesla could learn something about front end design, BMW could learn a lot more with their horrendous grilles on new models. Such a shame….

  3. To anyone seeing this video…..We have a Hyundai Kona EV (US) and it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE ownership experience! Our model is one that needs a battery replacement. Our car has been at the dealership now for 3 months and we have no solution or answers! No loaner car provided, no financial compensation, nothing! Hyundai has no answers on time frame and our dealership is pretty much in the dark as well. They have requested the battery extraction device but have no idea when they will get it! I HATE SEEING ALL THESE VIDEOS BRAGGING ABOUT HYUNDAI'S AMAZING EV CARS….I WOULD LOVE FOR HYUNDAI TO PUT THEIR FUNDS INTO SERVICING WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY SOLD! We have owned 4 (four) Hyundais now and this will be our last one. I'm over it! I'm so sick of seeing these videos influencing people to buy from a company that can't service the EVs it's already sold! Buyer beware and ask your dealership very specific service questions before buying.

  4. 7:21 At least i still got plenty of chargers, with normal USB and Usb-C plug, but not both ways…. compatible cables i mean ^^

  5. Thanks Matt for noticing the seats and pointing them out. I sold my Sportage because I developed back and neck pain after driving it for long hours and I liked the car otherwise. I think the seats are too small and not made for taller people. No such problem in Touareg.

  6. Well, I just test drove this car today. It was pretty impressive, but not so much for the price. I am waiting for Limited AWD to come out and noticed that Audi Q4 Prestige is only 2k above the Hyundai. Lol. Ioniq 5, no thank you.

  7. Don't believe ANY of the EV manufacturer's claim ranges: Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and the rest. I'd have bought the Ioniq 5 except for the boot(trunk) length, knowing their other claims were unrealistic. Switching EVERYTHING off in my Taycan 4S and going ECO gives me a theoretical 240 mile range, but that is realistically 200 miles in cold & adverse weather conditions

  8. I bought a Tesla. Did test drive almost all EVs on the market, including this one. Tesla is light years ahead of any competition. Never going back.


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