Hyundai Ioniq hybrid 2018 practicality review | Matt Watson Reviews

The Hyundai Ioniq has low running costs and futuristic styling on its side, but is this hybrid hatchback still useful enough for family … .

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  1. I think it's time yall did a video with the new Skoda karoq, how it compares to the T roc and all the practicality. ALMOST EVERY OTHER CHANNEL HAS COVERED THE KAROQ!

  2. I hope they offer a 2 door model for customers who don’t often carry passengers at all . An Estate/station wagon model would be great for extra versatility.

  3. As an Ioniq owner, what I can add for anyone still deciding if they wanna buy it:
    – I'm 175cm tall and rear head space is absolutely fine for me;
    – rear leg room is limited due to batteries under the seats, as well as foot room is limited because of low front seats mounting; I'll be honest – I wouldn't like to travel in the back for extended periods of time 😛
    – the long, narrow space in the middle console is designed to hold smartphones / smaller tablets. Pity it's not covered in some cushy material – it's too hard so smartphones tend to rattle too much;
    – with two people on-board, trunk full of luggage and Italian wines, and cruise control set to 120 km/h, I've averaged 4,5L/100km on our trip to Italy. Very nice result;

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. What? He said the boot is slightly smaller than the Prius, while on carbuyer the first thing said was that the ioniq has a bigger boot than the Prius

  5. This car is quite neat I like it , I even think of buying one because our gaz price is sky high and we don't have a decent infrastructure for having an EV unfortunately.
    So in this case these kind of car is your best choice.


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