Hyundai Kona vs Ford EcoSport – A Pint Sized Battle

The 2018 Hyundai Kona and 2018 Ford EcoSport are two of the most recent sub-compact crossovers to land in America but the …

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  1. I have the 2016 Ecosport. I would still choose the Ecosport over the Kona because the materials used in Ecosport are better and high quality. Also the cabin is very quiet like you barely hear anything outside once the doors/windows are closed. Plus, I also love the height clearance and the comfortable ride it gives. <3

  2. Are there aftermarket turbo kits for the naturally aspirated 2.0 liter engine ? Boost the HP & torque by 40 or 50 ?

  3. Got to drive both for a while working for a rental co. Love Hyundai and was jonesing for a Veloster for a couple years so the Kona was in the running. BUT, chose the ES (SES) for the reason it was a proven platform and for the '18 model the only recall so far was a wrong color brake fluid cap on one shipment. The clearance is perfect for entry/exit. Looks? Well, opinion again but Ford waited till 2020 to make the Escape look more like the ES…I don't make those decisions. Some folks I've met like the smaller size and rear door works for me. But if we're going to get petty about looks, you can't get the ES in that "lightning blue" anymore nor could get close in the Kona. I may look at a used Kona when things level out a little.

  4. A problem with The EcoSport rear door is, if you're over 6' tall
    when bending down to retrieve something out of the back, then you bang your head on the curved top of the door.

  5. i just bought a kona se. after watching thia video i am glad i went with the kona instead of the ecosport. i am traditionally a ford driver from way back

  6. I went with the Ford as I always have because I know for a fact that when I am out and about if I do have an issue , I can get Ford parts at any small town parts store


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