Keeping the High Mileage Ram. Not buying the Ford Lighting. Here’s why… ➞ RealTruck: https://bit.ly/31sZOiU ➞ Check out the …

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  1. I saw a used Lightning for sale last week at the Jeep place by my work. I didn't see the trim level, but was amazed that already someone has decided to trade it in on another ICE vehicle. I wondered to myself if the range had anything to do with it. Its sat there for several days now, so I'll be curious how fast it sells.

  2. Justin. I also have Ramboxes and they seem to warp a ton compared to yours and its the same model year. Did you ever adjust them or get them warrantied out for a new set?

  3. You are 100% correct…the lightning is not for how you want to use a truck. But a lightning pro is supposed to replace my Honda Pilot…even the base model is better than my Honda

  4. $40,000 for a base truck with no side steps, tailgate handle or tow package,? That's an extra $4,900. No floor mats. No power seats. No sliding rear window. And steel wheels. Lol The Pro model you see alot in videos has the optional aluminum wheels.

  5. Here's a few more to add to your list. Battery range drops anywhere between 50%-70% when hauling or towing. Meaning on the big battery option you'll have 150 to 100 miles of range. And of course you're going to leave some % before recharging. Second. You get less than 9" of ground clearance. So bye bye off roafing. Aldo charging rate. Ford only mentioned the sweet spot % and amout of fast charging from a high output charger. Which are not the available in public. You will more likely find 100-150 kw public chargers. Lastly driving range. Only way to get close to the full 300 range is to have 1 driver go 65 mph on perfect weather. Mark my words. You did yourself a big favor canceling your reservation.

  6. Just a comment. The interest you'll lose by letting your $100 reservation save your place in line is less than $2 a year. I will receive my Lightning Pro in the next 2 weeks, but I still haven't cancelled my Cybertruck reservation made in Nov. 2019 and I'm not losing sleep over the interest I'm losing. I figure there is a 99% chance I'll end up cancelling the Cybertruck, but I am going to wait to see what they finally offer and at what price. It was only costing you $2 a year to keep your options open.

  7. First of all, I do have a lightning Lariat on order August 1st build date, so go ahead and call me bias (I'm not I have a gas gm truck and Mustang and plan to keep them).

    A lot of the points brought up in this video don't even make sense, Ford announced the range target for the truck at 300 Mi for the big battery and 200 something for the small battery when the truck was announced, then they went on to exceed all of those targets, if you drive 1500 miles in a day or whatever you said why in the world would you ever reserve this truck in the first place?

    I don't get how you say you need to go to a platinum to compete with a ram Limited, or that the truck is particularly expensive and then go on to demonstrate you don't even get what the platinum package includes, massage seats that recline flat, bigger wheels (the reason for reduced range), and an upgraded sound system, all things that I don't think your Ram truck has.

    The lariat out classes a Ford limited with several features that aren't available on RAM, blue Cruise, Power Up Down tailgate, Mega Power funk, Pro Power on board, a larger infotainment screen, higher towing and payload capacity, and much more power.

    If you build a ram Limited to be as close to a lightning as possible, after you add the sunroof, ram box, 12 in touch screen, four-wheel drive, power rear window, rear locking differential, V8, and towing package, you're looking at about 77 Grand MSRP, on the other hand a Lariat lightning is about $70,000 with more features or $80,000 if you get the extended range battery, again for a truck with more features, the Ford Lightning cost about 4 grand or so more than a similarly equipped gas F-150 (one of the main things that pushed me over the edge to get one), but to accomplish that Ford is barely making a profit on each lightning they sell and they're only giving 3% to the dealerships, do you think Ram is just going to give away their Revolution Electric pickup truck? I'd imagine there one is going to cost more considering it's a new design.
    But still the big battery Ford there's only $3,000 more than a lesser Ram Limited.

    And before you ask yes I'm paying MSRP, Ford lets you transfer the sale to another dealership at any time if they try any funny business, so, most of the people paying over MSRP will be people who don't know any better or are buying it from other people who backed out of the deal for one reason or another, and dealerships selling their mannequins.

    And I will concede, out of Big Three my favorite looking truck is the ram, and I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, I came here for a discussion about reasons to not get a Ford Lightning but all I got was someone desperately trying to justify why they're not buying a Ford Lightning.

  8. I'd say you really didn't want your lightning, else you would have never ever cancelled your order.

  9. I’ve heard or read ram wants close to 500 mile range or more with a range extender like a gas or diesel generator. I have my money on the ram ev.

  10. i totally understand. I'm also a reservation hold and who knows. changing tires and other things keep me double thinking about range and rethinking this FOMO

  11. I don’t think that electric cars or pickups are good for long distance driving they should come out with a hybrid electric gas first more practical

  12. Yeah…for you,
    Justin, mileage alone won't work because of what you do.

    For me, it's possible because I have a extremely short trip to work (3 mile trip to the train station into the city) but I really want to see 2 big improvements from the big 3.

    1. Range is super important. No less than 350 miles on a full charge(comparing it to a full tank of gas in the truck)
    2. Charging time is the other key factor…who is going to wait to charge their battery…30 mins tops is a good number to charge at least 85% on a super charger.
    3. Battery life. Must be equivalent to a gas engine. If the Gass engine last 200-300k, I expect the battery to last that long…and have a decent option to recycle/replace battery for a DECENT price. A number like $5-8k would be good price (similar to engine replacement).

    Thank you and looking forward to your next ram high mileage review.

  13. Mr. Wheeler, good to see you as always. I know at some point all vehicles will be EVs, not sure if it will be in my life time but only time will tell. T has to really suck pre ordering a vehicle and waiting longer than expected. Nature of the beast during these time I guess. Great video, stay safe my friend.

  14. self driving lane change is hokey. i can't stand it, and don't use it, it is too slow for me. and self driving while towing ? no thanks. i want to be in control when there is a trailer involved. things can go badly real quick, and to be lulled into complacency with a self driving feature isn't for me. if you put 1000 miles a day on, an EV truck just flat out isn't for you. you would add 3-4 hrs a day to your wheel time sitting in DC fast chargers. so definitely stick with ICE for that reason alone.

  15. It's sounds like Ford learned nothing with the fiasco they call the Bronco. The lies reservationist were told would curl your hair. I reserved my OBX Bronco 10/03/20 with a possible delivery around now (07/22). Ford kept changing the rules, and my delivery date turned into possibly 2024. I canceled my order a mouth ago after watching your videos, and ordered a '22 Ram 1500 Laramie that was delivered in 32 days (that's right 32 days). We love our Ram, and if it's gives us the service you have received from your high mileage addition I'll be quite happy. Thanks for helping in me arrive at the right decision Justin. Keep up the good work brother.

  16. Great video, thank you for the information. I'm always on the lookout for EV material and knowledge. Do you think that instead of cancelling your Ford Lightning order, you could have transferred the reservation to someone else? is that even possible? I ask this as someone who didn't know about the Ford Lightning until January 2022 (after the reservation website had closed down). So now I'm scrambling, trying every avenue to get my foot in the door to purchase one. If a reservation transfer is available, perhaps I can pursue that avenue as well. Just curious.

  17. Sounds like your cons of the lighting, are the same cons as any EV has. Which I totally agree with. Sounds like you just need to stick with the gas/diesel platforms. EV isn’t for you. Which again, I agree with.

  18. Great video! Disregard all of the babies on here crying about the evil electric trucks. Looking forward to seeing your review on one when you get one.

  19. Makes you think, who is going to buy these EV trucks (or cars for that matter) ultimately? From a business yes, but as a consumer I think it will end pretty soon.
    So keep in mind that ICE vehicles will be prohibited in the near future. Good luck staying mobile…..

  20. Range anxiety is a real thing. I have an F150 with the 36 gal. tank and can easily get over 700 miles if I drive like I have some sense. I assume you also have a 36 gal. tank. I couldn't imagine having to stop and recharge after 3-4 hours of driving and for how long. When I go somewhere I don't stop but for gas and to use the bathroom so maybe once every 8 hours. You can't do that in an EV.

  21. Man i love your videos you go in depth so much to the point that you made me convinced that the ram is worth the money so I bought a 2022 ram 1500 limited night edition and im in love with my truck please note that this is my first ever time owning or driving a pickup truck in my whole life annnd man its like im driving an s class you know what an s class has nothing to compare with the comfort or drivability of the ram . The ram 1500 tops any car or truck in the market so please keep us up to date with your ram and keep up the good videos ❤️

  22. The platinum gets less range because of the wheel and tire pkg (gets low pros and bigger wheels) and weight (added options)

    Go watch the tfl video adding a more aggressive tire hurts it even more.

    Real world on the big battery (320 miles) gets you about 250ish. Towing tfl got 100 miles per tank.

    I'd hold out to see the turbo inline 6 for the rams and their hybrid pkg with it. If they keep their current pricing strategy you'll be in a limited under 75.

    All the tech you want like blue cruise and gms self driving is being refunded back bc of chip shortages. Buddy got 2500 back on his new Sierra when it was delivered.

  23. Electric vehicles just don't make sense to me at all & I don't like this administration forcing Americans to purchase them when we are sitting on a massive amount of oil & natural gas my friend, keep the real truck, I love mine.

  24. They need to do much better with range and charging speed basically the battery technology over all before they will be even close to being worth what they want for them. If you're towing anything significant with them it more than cuts your range in half and that's unacceptable in my opinion.

  25. Make another Ram 1500 mileage update, your the only one on YouTube with a limited that high in mileage. I just got a 22 limited want to know what to expect.


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