I could watch the process of re-treading tires all day 😍

Thanks to Paisa Llantas! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRMugOM-kLDuOhuc__-Ikw.

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  1. Retreads should be illegal. They cause more damage when they peal apart. They are a cheap fuck your shit up tire and good for anywhere from 50miles to 1000 if your lucky.

  2. Only works if sidewalls of tyres are good….. More over retreated tyres are heavy than normal tyres n wobble at high speeds or suited for commercial purposes

  3. never mind It is very nonsense and unreliable for people not to find their own lives in the third world and poor countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

  4. I swear to God they need to advertise this shit more often than just buying some new fucking tires what can I say to do this because it’s better than buying your fucking tires that shit expensive as fuck

  5. Кусок говна. Потом шмотки этого кала разлетаются по всей трассе и становятся причиной аварий.

  6. I have to admit that Blondie is the total opposite of what we see on every social media platform. Although she’s super gorgeous, she never once used her beauty or body to attract viewers and likes. She just used her intelligence and hard work to stand out and become successful. She is an aspirational role model for all young females out there. She commented respect from everyone that she interviewed or got in touch with. No cheap clothes or showing body parts. Best of luck


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