I Drove a Crazy Rare Imported TVR Tuscan, And It’s Insane

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.com I drove nine hours to Canada to check out one of the only TVR Tuscans in …

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  1. I like how you can watch Doug's old videos and new videos and there wouldn't be any difference

  2. Exotic for sure. But upholds the term exotic being associated with quirky, non-intuitive, and light on reliability. But the cool factor cannot be over looked.

  3. If this had all those health and safety items it would only have added about 100lb (50KG) of weight, It's light because its fiberglass (like a corvette) but its not full of foam and sound deadening to make you comfy while you sit in LA traffic for 3 hours on the way to a whataburger.
    Its a sports car for people to have fun it not a beanbag sofa for fat arses.
    Also 406hp from a 4L inline6, a 2006 Mustang "GT" made 300hp from a 4.7l V8 Pathetic.

  4. This Car Was A Beauty On Project Gotham Racing And Gran Turismo And It Still Is. It's One Of My All Time Favourite Cars!

  5. TVR have been making cars for more than a couple of decades. My mother had a TVR Grantura in the early sixties.

  6. Man these things are gorgeous, A Mate had a Tuscan and an old neighbour had a Chimera, TVRs sound absolutely fantastic, see very few of them about nowadays, shame really because those things are a pure blast of what enjoying a cars all about, especially if you made it back home on the same day without breaking down.

  7. I can only conclude that an idiot or a glutton for punishment would own such a car as that.

  8. lol that fuel cap is so English. Right up there with door locks too close to the door frame, pull string bathroom switch, tiny sink taps(one cold one hot) you can`t wash your hands under, super awkward wall sockets(but Very Safe and with an Extra switch), door handles below waist heigh , pint glasses filled to the brim, bland food, fake politeness etc etc…

  9. Rumour has it that somewhere on the outskirts of Stockholm, Greta thunberg does doughnuts in a TVR Tuscan purely for fun.

  10. This car seems to have been designed by competent engineers, that were way way way to drunk when they did so.
    I mean, every thing works, but not as they should.

  11. I have a TVR Tasmin 280i, and as my fuel pump is inside the LH rear wheel arch, it has failed due to being in the worst place for it.

  12. Doug should seriously review this car again. This is one of my favorite reviews he’s ever done in my opinion. I’m sure that there are way more quirks that he didn’t show off that we would like to see!

  13. Here after watching Doug's TVR Chimaera review? Ngl Im looking for similarities in the reviews, funny thing is there are a few✔

  14. Nice raw sound.
    The triple front lights are what… well it depends on you taste.
    Hazard lights can be added as extra in the trunk.
    One could add brake lights to the, or next to, original turn-/hazard lights. Would look cool, and why not.
    The battery should go (immediately) to the trunk. As lots of race cars (and BMW) have.
    The modified hood is superb.

  15. Who's here after watching the Chimaera video? And who watched this when it was originally posted by Doug?


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