I Drove a Lifted Ford Ranger Over 1,500 MILES with a Trailer, and You Won't Believe the MPG!

http://www.tflbids.com ) I Drove a Lifted Ford Ranger Over 1500 MILES with a Trailer, and You Won’t Believe the MPG!

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  1. I can get 15.4 to 15.8 mpg towing my travel trailer with my Ranger Tremor. That is on Hwy traveling an average at 55mph. On Interstate at speed limits of 70mph I getting 8.9mph. Without towing I am getting 17.8 to 18.8 average and I running with a rack and smart cap. Lots of drag.

  2. You know I love you Andre, but this guest stole the show. He should start his own channel and be a guest on yours again.

  3. All the time funny how you US guys struggle with the metric tire dimension but it is so easy if you know how to convert: 285/70/17 means 285mm width (11.22 inch) 70 means the hight of the tire from the rim to the outside is 70% of the width. 17 inch rim is sell explained. Finding out the width is easy as some of you know that 1 inch = 25.4mm. 285 divided by 25.4=11.22 inch. Finding out the diameters also easy. 70% of 285mm is 199.5mm. As the tire is round you have double the measurement (for top and bottom) means 399mm. Add now 17 inch= 431.8mm rim diameter and you have a total diameter of 830.8mm which is 32.7 inch. All theoretical math, reality may various✌️

  4. Great tire option. The Toyo open countries are great and weigh less than bloody kO2s which probably helped with the fuel economy.

  5. My dear old daddy told me not to believe anything a man says about his sex life or gas mileage. Looking at this guy, I'm thinking there is no sex life and he can only exaggerate about his gas mileage!

  6. MPG is questionable but the absolute false fact is using dielectric grease on the ball for "better ground connection". News flash…ground is transfered within the trailer plug NEVER the ball. Flashing trailer lights is a sign of a bad ground and the ball is providing an intermittent ground…which is NOT the by design. The ball should never be used as primary ground vehicle to trailer.

  7. I use a ground wire thru the wiring harness to get a good ground and don't rely on the ball and hitch to provide ground.

  8. I regularly get 23.x mpg (90hwy/10cty) on a '21 Lariat Tremor. All OEM except air filter. About 300lbs in bed and 2 people. Cruise between 70-75, rarely exceeding 80mph.

  9. I get 16 with a tandem U-haul with mine with a light load of furniture. It's a great little truck. I switched back and forth in tow/haul mode when needed the drive on flat highway it did well. I love my new Ranger.

  10. I got 13.8 towing a 22' RV with mine at 65. Locked into 7th gear at 2300 rpm. It will go as fast as you want but the mph tanks hard after 65.

    I love the turbo whistle when it climbs hills.

  11. He also has weight distribution bars. Now I bought my first camper a few weeks ago and watched how to set the trailer up properly with these (new to me) weight distribution bars. Would that help with fuel economy?


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