I drove the new Jaguar F-Type R 700km – this is what happened…

This is the all-new Jaguar F-Type! It’s the biggest update to the F-Type in seven years, and Mat’s been invited to Portugal to find … .

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  1. I really like Mr. Cheerful. I have to say though about the sound of these vehicles and how happy you guys always seem to be about how loud they are. What the hell is it? We're trying to save noise. You wouldn't live beside an airport willingly or a railway line and I sure wouldn't want to hear you tearing off in the morning in that if I lived next door.

  2. Mat is such a great guy. The videos are funny, genuine and informative, he's perfect infront of a camera. It feels like he's really talking to you. Theres not a single video/review in which I get bored, with his stupid humor that we all love, to his information that never fails, I always feel fulfilled when watching a video, I don't have any questions left after viewing. This man deserves a raise and I hope he gets to see our utmost appreciation. Thank you Mat!!

  3. I’m actually relieved for once that a car doesn’t come standard with Adaptive Cruise Control. Even on the lowest distance settings the cars brake way to early. In a car like this, you wouldn’t want it driving for you would you?

  4. We have all sinned and fallen short of Gods glory and we all deserve hell but Jesus Christ Gods perfect sent son died on a cross so we don’t have to go there and we can now be saved by grace through our faith in him.

  5. Ever since I've subscribed to this channel it's be a great informer of the cars i like but few i can afford but Matt is the man.

  6. I am the biggest fan of reviews like this, where you travel and review it at the same time. Can you please please do more videos like this where you travel and review it. The cinematography, views bgm's, everything was top class. Please do more vids like this with beautiful cars like the f type.

  7. Most people don’t need a turbo charger, and from the sound of it you don’t know why cars have a turbo charger.. People at high altitude’s if you live at an altitude of 7,000ft above sea level, then it’s a good idea to have a turbo charger as they can compress and force AIR into the engine. And that is why it was invented during World War II to aid airplanes in flying at higher altitudes!

  8. Could they make the R badge any more ugly? Who da fook chose that lime green? It freakin' ruins the entire look of the car!! Seriously.

  9. Had to double take at the beginning, thought the car was photoshopped in. Seriously amazing review tho


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