I Finally Got a New Ford F-150 and Here's What I Really Think of It

Ford F-150 truck review. I Finally Got a New Ford F-150 and Here’s What I Really Think of It, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer.

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  1. When it comes to Ford truck’s, people that like that V8 sound will choose the 5.0, but people that want a quick monster, that also saves on gas will choose the V6 Ecoboost option, which is much smarter.

  2. Scotty, the V8 may sound better than the V6 Ecoboost, but it’s a fact that the Ecoboost is much faster than your V8. And it saves on fuel, which, if you’re smart, is the better truck to buy in my opinion.

  3. I have a 3.5 ecoboost love it and has more power than the 5.0. Need to make the 7.3 available in the f150.

  4. I have an 2004 F-150 Lariet ; 140 thousand miles, Runs Like A Clock………but no one listens to me, when I installed the best suspension upgrade for an F-150, buy installed an air-bag, under the drivers seat….This is nothing new, you see the same set-up in big rigs going back for decades, not years, decades…….it gives you such a lovely ride with the stock factory suspension, but with FORD, all you get from them is a ruler embedded into the tailgate "as a feature"…….!!!! GD it, what in the hell is wrong with them …..??????

  5. In philippines I remember at 2014 honda civic top end model was 1 million pesos (20k dollars ) and now the mid model of the honda city is 1 million pesos also lol and the base model honda civic is 1.3 but ofc u get more features but for what, we are not buying a civic for luxury but for comfort and convenience not luxury and more expensive

  6. I drove both the 3.5 & 5.0 when I bought mine new in 2019… there really is no comparison aside from the sound. You need to rev the snot out of the 5.0 to get to it's power band. Towing my travel trailer, 3.5 with the 10 spd is the only option. 5.0 is a great mustang motor, torque isn't there for the trucks.

  7. I have an '18 with the 2.7 V6 Ecoboost and love it very reliable and plenty of power and actually quite fast.

  8. Why are you yelling?? Really nice to know I can change the spark plugs?? What after 125K miles?? Why are you holding the start button down?? Glad you don't work on my vehicles.

  9. Hi Scotty, In one of your earlier videos you recommended to stay away from Ford's 10 speed transmission. I do believe that your new King Ranch has a 10 speed tranny. What changed your opinion? By the way, love your videos! keep up the great work.

  10. The Ecoboost has been out for a decade and there still going strong I'm sry Scotty I like you but your wrong those Ecoboost motors are incredible and reliable I have a 5.0 I've owned 2 of them my next truck is going to be the powerboost

  11. I had one just like it for my business 34000 miles motor blew up and ford would not fix it . junk junk never buy ford.

  12. That V8 sounds nice…! My 2007 F150 has been nice. But this 2021 F150 changes everything. Those rmp's though on that pick up.

  13. "Turbos wearing out at 100k" then pushes a button for the shifter to rise up so you can put it in gear.


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