I Finally Tow with the New Ford Maverick — and It's Completely Not What I Expected!

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  1. Great review! I currently have a jeep Grand Cherokee for road trips and Mountain activities and a 1998 Dodge Dakota for work stuff. ( I also usually have a fun car, but I just sold it.) I'm really thinking about selling the jeep and the Dodge to get one of these.

  2. This would make a great daily driver/light work vehicle, but I wonder why no AWD with the HYbrid? Maybe in the future as there is nothing at the showrooms now, and you have to order one and wait. I think this truck is a great idea, and I'm sure they will sell a lot of them. Kind of reminds me of the Ranger before 2012, which I have owned a few of, and still currently drive (1995 STX Supercab 4X4) with almost 200,000 miles. Make mine with a HYbrid AWD with cruise control, and you have a buyer!

  3. This truck is perfect for me. I just want a small pick up truck with fwd ,good on gas , small bed and 4 door . Hybrid is great. I am going to get one but not now.

  4. For light towing and max fuel economy, I would stick to the XL, If you need 4K towing, you can get a base model F150 for about the same price as a loaded Maverick, and remember this truck is going to sell for full sticker price while the F150 can be had with rebates and dealer incentives

  5. Sorry man!
    I would not have one ,,even if you gave me one.
    I have never seen nothing but trouble out of them. They are high maintenance
    And need constant maintain. And whatever you may be seeing on this video is all smoke and mirrors!
    Sorry not a fan. But I do like the colors very much. They do excel in vibrancy.

  6. Definitely interesting. I will want to see how it copes with -30 degree weather before I'm sold however. My last compact truck was a Tacoma and it was great in the summer and horrible (engine knock like an old farm tractor) in the winter. Driving a 5L F150 right now and its golden all year round.

  7. Is it a car or truck? It's neither! Just like Chevy avalanche or Honda Ridgeline or the bronco! Just another car

  8. One of the best reviews I've seen yet. Outlining the different elements and focusing on them only one at a time is very good strategy. Well done.

  9. A common misconception is the eCVT being similar to the regular CVTs that got a bad name from other (*cough cough Nissan cough *) makes. They are nothing alike other than having the capability to infinitely carry the gear ratio (WeberAuto YouTube channel has a fantastic breakdown on the Toyota eCVT). Found out something interesting a little bit ago. In part of a patent sharing agreement, Ford uses the same eCVT designs as the Toyota hybrids. Between Toyota’s legendary longevity for those transmissions, plus Ford’s overbuilt batteries, we should expect these to stay on the road for a very, very long time.

  10. Seems the main appeal for this is buying the hybrid to get really good mpg for light truck duties. But then how do the non-hybrid models compare to just getting a Ranger?

  11. Thank you for an great review of an evidently excellent vehicle.
    F-150 and Maverick could become first and second best selling vehicles.
    Ford stock ticker 'F' was selling at 4 during depths of plandemic days… currently around 20.
    No wonder.

  12. I love the fact that Ford is now making vehicles with purpose again not just making a different type of the same truck or car

  13. I don't buy the argument from automakers that you can's add electric torque and ICE torque together. Make a table and list the electric torque and ICE torque at various RPM or speeds and add them together for the combined torque curve

  14. Ya the turbo is not worth it. My kia Seltos is faster with only 175 hp. Kind interested in the Hybrid base motor though, great MPG!

  15. I dislike these bargain cars, they cause the dealership show rooms to be full of they unwashed thinking they can afford a new car: yes these are cheap for successful rich men like myself, most still can’t afford these payments. I just ruins the experience for me when I’m purchasing another top end truck and I have to be around the lower class. I guess I will just purchase online

  16. I will be trading in an old F150 and a toyota car .I’m buying a basic hybrid model for doing estimates, small jobs,road trips and picking the kids up from school . I can use my duramax for real towing.At around 40mpg and price point that little truck will pay for itself in a few years.

  17. I was considering an AWD version until I saw the interior. I can't live in that space. My short list includes a restored 1977 squarebody Chevy, something that I can easily fix and that is a real truck. Thanks for making my mind up Ford.

  18. The escape hybrids from 2013 were trash, worse on fuel than non hybrid. I know this as the company I worked for bought them for fleet. Maybe they are good for a year but after two years they were horrible on fuel for a small suv


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