In-depth review of Mercedes GLA 2020 – has it this time?

This is the new Mercedes GLA! The Mercedes SUV model has been modified to suit the needs of the Audi Q3 and ….

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  1. It starts ~34.400€ in Greece but with the equipment and engine you show here, it is double the price (65.430€)..

  2. I find the gear stick on the steering column awkward I much prefer it the conventional way

  3. I'd like you to benchmark it against my 2007 Lexus RX450H . I have road tested the Merc, the new RAV4 ,the Volvo XC40 and The Lexus is quieter at speed and more comfortable than all of them, keyless entry and lane assist seems the only 'advances'. The Lexus cost 6k with 50k miles a year ago and its the 'greenest' option as well.

  4. i watch things like this as if i could drive and could afford it while knowing i have 27p in my bank

  5. Other than the display screen, it lacks any outstanding features. It's almost as if they did not know what to do with the space below it so they said "F*** it, we''ll throw in some vents and they'll never notice."


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