In-depth review of the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV 2019 – see why it is worth $ 150,000!

This is the new Mercedes-AMG G63! Although the exterior design remains true to the original 1979 G-Class, once you are in the chair ….

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  1. Love your reviews. But isn't the phone wire issue because you're not supposed to be driving with your phone out? Suppose for the passenger it's an issue, but with the HUD you don't need the handset out if connected

  2. I'm going through a G class love phase, and I've been watching several videos of this car for hours now, but this seems to be the only video that truly explains how it's like to live with the G class. Everyone considering a G class should watch this review.

  3. Don’t buy this car if you don’t have 100s of suvs laying around.

    If you have to buy a or two SUV at once, you have to get this after you have 5th suv.

  4. But it seems that Mercedes have to re-calibrated the one for the car because as you can see it’s pushed right into the prickly bushes the spare wheel is push right into the prickly bushes

  5. Yeah the annoying thing of the G is that what you’re trying to load the car because the door open sideways is a bit of a Pfaff to open in tight spaces because if a car is parked next to you and you open the door because the wheel and sticks out quite a way to end the bashing the wheel against the other car which it’s gonna be a bit of an awkward situation which is a bit awkward but at least if you could quilted leather I guess

  6. The G wagon is amazing the gang three in the back at wants and even if it had its has seven seats which it doesn’t even if it has seven seats it’s also very is even if it has seven seats which it doesn’t it will be a pretty good seven seats if it does have the extra third row which is not an option it’s not available for third row but even if it is it’s still really roomy

  7. And I love the fact that the C controls are controlled by the switches on the doors were they having to reach down by the state comptroller which is a bit of a Fnaf And even the cooling switches are on the doors in the heated seats are on the doors that is incredible

  8. There’s even less on the slow apart the doorThere’s even leather on the door pins instead of cheap plastic you get on other cars

  9. And the cover for the air vent is plastic not leather couldn’t they at least cover it with leather not plastic container at least cover it with leather to make it up are you serious they could at least cover the cheap plastic up with leather


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