Inspired By: Lexus Owners Stories – Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA owners Charity and Robert Lee fell in love with the legendary supercar the moment its existence was made public. .

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  1. I am huge car enthusiast, and I alway thought of owning this cars someday, this is the only car on my mind that I want to own as supercar. I wish the next generation will be even better.

  2. If you love the LFA… You need to watch the Nat Geo Mega Factories series on the Manufacturing of the LFA…its a great video.. The LFA is the most underated (sadly) but awesome Super Car ever!

  3. Outstanding video .. I was a Tech and Diagnostic Specialist for 18 years (1989 to 2008) for 2 dealerships in SoCal and I love Lexus cars..the LFA is the crowning achievement for the Lexus car line. I was very lucky to get a nice ride in LFA no. 014.. LFA 014 was the yellow no vin test car loaned out to all the car magazines and press.. Same car that Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear drove. What a thrill to get a ride in that car around the streets of Placentia California. Rob Tullius

  4. How in the hell can they afford this car?!! What do they do for a living?!! God I'm so jealous one day!

  5. 2020 and it sucks the LFA just makes me smile a car I wish I could own some day but I'm sure I can't lol

  6. Lexus 5.0L = 470hp

    Alfa Romeo 2.9L = 540hp

    Maserati 3.0L = 630hp

    lmao at that underpowered piece of trash

  7. It should re-design with Dual Clutch and Twin Turbo to beat with GTR. Maybe it wouldn't. But it would be legendary fight.

  8. Too bad she can't drive it in everyday traffic or take it to the store…lol
    A car like that is just a show piece

  9. There are still about 5 new Lexus LFA in the United States unsold right now. The Lexus LFA is an amazing car, it sounds amazing, and it'll be a collector's item for sure. The problem with the car isn't really the car's fault – its the market. The problem is: people that pay close to 400K for cars usually only look at Lamborghinis, Ferraris and etc… If I had the money for a LFA, I'll buy one right now.


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