Introducing the All-New RX | Lexus

The crossing of innovative technology and bold design. Watch the full reveal of the all-new Lexus RX. European prototype vehicle … .

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  2. All car companies are focusing on the speed performance of their cars. But no one is paying attention to the car's braking system. Which is very disappointing. As important as vehicle speed is, quick braking is also important.

  3. I want to compliment to they finally throw away their traditional grill. I think this choice gonna be essential element to leap to primium brand. meanwhile main resean that lots of people trun away from lexus was their traditional "X'shape grill. Even though the reason that crowd avoid the lexus was thier grill. but lexus doesn't sence of that. I'm really glad that they finally notice about this. I think this 2023 rx grill is middle stage of changing process so it looks little bit weird. but i think next model and after next model can be more and more modified form. one thing that i don't like about new rx is the rear side window? things. but overall generally i'm satisfied with this model.

  4. The front grill look stupid. It could be better by clean cut in stead of faded out grill.and the old front light is beautiful, the new one look like grandma cars

  5. With no delay I was able to make $50,000 usd to my name all thanks to the above name his just so reliable and and good about what he dose

  6. when I was young (25 years old)I like BMW and Audi ,but right now 35+ I like Lexus more . Low key and comfort.

  7. I have a neighbor who has a Lexus. They come in at 2:30 and HOOONKKK LOCK their car. Wakes the whole neighborhood up.
    Why Lexus? Can you lower the volume so we can sleep. Noise ruins lives and it's simple to fix.

  8. Lexus I’m in my second RX 450 I got the first one and have loved it. This is great but just a miss on the upper beak on the grill. That flat section with the flat nose really throws off the awesomeness of the new style with the extension of the hood to a flat beak

  9. I am liking it but a 4 cylinder in a luxury mid-size SUV. Bad decision! Lexus/Toyota should have placed a V6 hybrid.

  10. I wish the front grill remained the same. I don't like the bump on it. It takes away from the sophisticated look Lexus is known for in my opinion.

  11. Screw 4 cylinder turbocharged engines except in tiny little cars. Go from perfect smooth long lasting trouble free V6 to go to mini car engine is sheer madness. I would not own one. The 2.5 4 cylinder option is as exciting as wet newspaper.

  12. My thoughts on the new Lexus RX 2023.

    Let me start by saying: I love the Lexus RX. Ever since I drove it for the first time a few years ago in Florida, I have been in awe of this car that is so different than the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes that I had driven before (me being from Germany). Frankly I had never heard of the Lexus RX before I sat in one. Anyway, it was love at first drive. This car was quiet and comfy, luxurious with a silky smooth V6 engine and lovely soft leather seats. And once I put my hands on that wooden steering wheel, man, I never wanted anything else. The Lexus RX was a car that didn't make me want to drive fast, like my BMW or an Audi. Instead it enveloped me in relaxation and confident tranquility. Never before have I found myself reaching my destinations more relaxed than in a Lexus RX.

    The newest generation of the RX now comes with new power trains, modernized interior, and revised optics. And to be honest: I don't like what I'm seeing. Compared to its predecessor it has become lower and wider. The RX's beautiful classic SUV proportions have been shifted to a more cab-rearward appearance, emphasizing its sporty aspirations. Accordingly the hood has become longer, creating a visual imbalance with the shortened rear overhang. New creases on the flank create a dynamic look and the wider rear with the light bar give it an athletic and aggressive stance. The car also seems to sit lower to the ground although no numbers on ground clearance have been released. The interior has been reduced from opulent and plush to sleek and minimal (no doubt the materials are of fine quality). Lexus did not resist the trend to remove buttons and incorporate many functions into a massive screen. The analog watch did not survive and I have yet to see that glorious wooden steering wheel on any press pictures (I have little hope).

    Why do I like none of this? The Lexus RX is one of the important cars in automobile history. It defined the new class of luxury cross-over which has since been copied by countless automakers. It was the trend setter and it was confident about what it was (and what it was not). It never aspired to being a sports car. It was a luxurious, smooth, quiet family glider. What I see now is a car that is trying to be an Audi or a BMW. A car that is giving up on the things that made it marvelous and gave it a unique character. Sneered at by too many car reviewers (who just don't get the RX) it is now trying to be like the cool kids. Sporty, dynamic, aggressive, sleek, minimal? None of this I want from a Lexus RX. And even if I wanted that: I could just go and buy an Audi.

  13. The narrator of this ad sounds similar to the female voice I hear doing the narration on NHK's English documentaries.


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