Is a basic Porsche 911 better than a BMW M3?

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  1. I know everyone is saying oh look at the porsche its so good and stuff but being about 300 kilos lighter couldn’t brake in a shorter distance this shows the power of bmw engineering

  2. The technical data of the m3 is way better. That has a weight distribution of about 53/47 compared to 60-40 in the porsche. The steering ratio of the bmw is about 13 if I’m not wrong compared to about 17 in the porsche. The engine reaches max horsepower faster in the m3 so its more fuel efficient. Its just a better car.

  3. sorry but that 0-60 time in the M3 is way off……hahaha its so much faster than that. I have the Xdrive M4 and im getting 3 seconds flat

  4. So little time is taken going from a dead stop to 60 or 100 . 99.9% of the time you access power in a car you are already rolling. So if you like having a fast car get the BMW if you prefer better cornering get the 911 . It's about sensations and I assume the BMW feels faster when you get into it with the torque and HP , BUT Porsche also uses faster horses to measure power .

    The porsche is smaller even though big then the M3 so on fun roads it's going to be more nimble and not like a truck on narrow mountain and back roads where the fun is and where police can't hide inside of trees and rocks as apposed to the BMW that will feel great on bigger roads going dangerously fast where you will pick up police who may arrest you for the speed your driving .

    The BMW more a muscle car and the 911 more of a sports car . But the porsche is less fun because it doesn't have bad manners . Porsche looks classier and more adult and BMW is gawdy , loud and looks more like a penis extender . 911 will also get better Mpg .

    More people can own the M3 because it is a car for people and stuff as well as an Adult Toy where as the 911 is more of a pure toy and personal transportation/ commuter car .

    Both are overpriced, expensive and for rich people who don't worry about money decisions so try both .

  5. You drove that Porsche magnificently! The Porsche didn't even look like it was working hard and the suspension and it's ability to track straight without all the wobble the M3 had was impressive. Nice runs!

  6. I dont have kids im young but i ordered the m3 over the 911, more space and practical as a daily

  7. The BMW is a dads car. 4 door! Really? Horrible colour of the BMW.
    The Porsche is just timeless and doesn't have that terrible front grill.
    What were BMW thinking? Were they thinking?

  8. Whoever thinks that the words "faster" and "better" are synonymous should have their head examined.

  9. Why bother… The M3 is a sedan and the Porsche is a sports car. Obviously the Porsche has superior handling.

  10. At the end of the day, would you rather have a Porsche or BMW. The Porsche is hands down the winner. It is a sports car where as bmw is just a luxury brand car. The porsche has more status symbol.

  11. I currently own a m3 e30 and our daily car a X3 M Competition as we go away on weekends a lot but I have to be honest I do love 911's and have owned one Carrera S turbo 997 which I wished I still owned as to be honest for the long drives up to the mountains it was such a good drivers car for the day and so dam comfortable not to mention the dam things have sky rocketed in price in recent years.

  12. This has always been the car lover's dilemma. At a certain price "X' your choices are either:
    A fully kitted version of a "lower tier car" (bcuz an M3 is just a 3 Series Type-R)
    A basic model of a more bespoke chassis.
    You could apply this to the 911 Turbo S vs Mclaren vs Ferrari

  13. 2 seconds into the video… I’m picking the Porsche. No matter what the M3 becomes, it’s a sedan. The Porsche is a sport car first and nothing else.

  14. Proper sports car from a manufacturer with proven race record? Versus a sedan from a brand targeting old people with leasing contracts? Porsche any day. By giving up on racing, BMW killed themself. If cars could sing modern BMWs would be Posh Spice..

  15. Living in the real world, and not being able to have two cars, I'd have to go with the more practical M3. I wish that there was a combination of the S58 engine and the non rabbit grill, though.


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