Is the 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat with Black Appearance PKG the BEST small truck?

The Ford Ranger is trying to fill a hole in the midsize truck segment. Under the hood is a 2.3L turbocharged inline-4 producing …

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  1. Love the black appearance package. I don't know why auto manufacturers continue to produce vehicles with chrome. Gross.

  2. Can anyone else hear the breathing during the driving segment? Once i heard it i couldn't stop hearing it lol.

  3. We bought 2020 Ford Ranger Super Cab Lariat 4×4 w/ chrome package for 42,000 with my Ford A plan discount.

  4. Who cares about the grill? I am changing it with a Raptor style. I have a 2020 XLT 4×4 in white and I am blacking out everything and adding a stage 3 chip it adds 80 hp & 80 ft pounds. For $50 I bought a Deezee tailgate damper. I am averaging 20 mpg in the city. Zero issues.

  5. Yeah spending 45K you might as well splurg a little more and get a bigger cabin, more powah, more torque, and get the f-150 Lariat or Platinum used with low miles.

  6. Too expensive. Not enough options (sunroof, power rear window, etc.) for the price. Spend extra 5k for a full size.
    Hopefully, Mazda brings the pickup back to N. America/ U.S.

  7. Wanna get one but the prices are just too outrageous to justify getting one 45k is ridiculous. Even 30k for one with a couple options is too much. Big ZONK!!

  8. Imagine dropping almost 50k on a midsize pick up and still not getting nearly as much as you would if you spent less buying a Chevy or GMC or even a toyota midsize with all the bells amd whistles

  9. I have the 2019 ranger XL i just wish for the rangers have 4×4 because that will be useful big time but i love my ranger strong frame it handles like if it was a full size truck the power it has is good fun

  10. Best truck? LMAO! They copied off of the Toyota Tacoma. Watch Scotty Kilmers videos, a millionaire mechanic.

  11. add to your review rear locking diff option. No…Zonk, Pre runner or 4×4 needs rear diff lock standard

  12. I use to own a 84 ranger 4×4 but ford pushed out a 4 banger under the hood when they brought back new rangers is laughable & charging 45K$ for these is a big joke…

  13. Ya I think the mid size trucks are still in the Stone Age.
    Just point out one thing is the center console. How is it that a mid size suv has way more space between the seats.

    The SUV’s always have better ish. So it’s going to be a no for me. I’m a stick to the full size 20’ long bulldozer / king of the road.
    If you want a mid size truck, just buy a car.
    Save your money and get a trailer from Harbor freight.

  14. Ford fixed two of your( zonks )on the Ford Ranger. Both Ford badges on grill and tailgate are now “black” with the black appearance package

  15. Super zonk on the "no sunroof". That's turning off many consumers…..including me. It's not even built to have that as an available option, and unless they change it up, won't ever be.

  16. I would zonk the 4 cylinder EcoBoost and the unusable bed. Can't get a 4' sheet of plywood or sheetrock in that bed.

  17. Too expensive for what is offered. All trucks right now are too expensive. I will probably get a used Ridgeline or maybe a Frontier.

  18. Thanks, it's so cute even with all the zonks. I can't wait to get mine. If you haven't already made a video for the new Bronco could you make one? Thanks

  19. Just bought one for one of our estimator vehicles and the only things I notice for a Lariat trim that’s missing is a heated steering wheel, soft close tailgate and electric slider window. Complete first world problem but for the price tag but I would have rather them eliminated the lane keep assist and put those options in instead…


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