Is the Ford Raptor Worth it!?

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  1. They should just put a supercharged 5.0 coyote in it which can make close to 1000hp but they probably won't because of emissions

  2. Ford took back my 2018 Gen 2 because it had issues and gave me a 2021 Platinum power boost. I have had it for two months and Its a really great truck but not a Raptor. Two weeks ago Ford confirmed my order for a 2022 Gen 3 with 37 package. Can't sleep while waiting for it to come in.

  3. I have a 2020 Raptor with Eibach springs love it rides like a dream have 2016 Dirtymax LTZ on a BDS lift for towing or just raw tourque as for cry baby’s bout the noise I got a Harley for that or a X3 that my point is but what u want or can afford and don’t dog anyone for there personal preference

  4. The Raptor R will NOT have the 5.2 voodoo, it will most likely be the 5.0 or 6.2 with a blower. And since when does the S550 GT500 have a standard trans?

  5. Been driving the Trx for a couple weeks now and i prefer it over the raptor Way more hp and it’s just crazy to drive around and mob in the desert

  6. How does one get a job with custom offsets? I feel like I’d really like working with you guys but it’s probably impossible to get in lol

  7. I loved the look but refused to buy one with the 3.5 TT. That is until my buddy bought one. I dropped him off at the airport and drove his truck for a weekend. I fell in love. Now I'm waiting for the market to calm down a bit so I could purchase one.

  8. I love my Gen 2, V6 and all. I could care less about how it sounds. I torture this truck off road and it still rides as smooth as a Cadillac. Best truck I’ve ever owned.

  9. My sister in law has a 2017 Ford Raptor with a 4in Fabtech lift with 37s and it will smoke my 2019 chevy Silverado 1500. 5.3 with a 10in lift and 37s
    But I hope they will come out with a V 8

  10. I've been wanting a raptor since they first came out but once I finally was able to afford one they drop the v8. I know the turbo eco is a great engine but there is nothing like the sound of the v8. I'm debating the trx now.

  11. So weird to hear Custom Offsets, talking positively about Ford trucks
    Seeing most of you back the GM coral

  12. It will 100% without a doubt be my next truck. I love those trucks so much. Gen 2 is still my favorite. Such great looking trucks.

  13. I freaking love a Ford raptor but I still believe they should have given you a option for a high out put version of the 5.0 in the 2nd gen


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