Is the NEW 2022 Ford Mustang GT Grabber Blue the best muscle car to BUY?

It is BACK and better than every. Grabber Blue is back on color palette for the 2022 Mustang. On the outside of this GT you will find …

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  1. If I were buying a Mustang/GT500 I'd have a hard time choosing between this grabber blue or that eruption green in the background. Both are great colors!

  2. Grabber blue is always the popular color. And no more dark color. Baby blue belongs to the RC celebrity speed fresh only.

  3. Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss. I knew ford gonna bring grabber blue back and they better not ever discontinued it again. My favorite color.

  4. I ordered a 22 GT, I was gonna get grabber blue but I went with eruption green with black accent active valve and 301A package. It looks exactly like the green one in the background! Can’t wait for it to be delivered !!

  5. Would love to get a GT in Grabber Orange when the S650 comes out, wish they would bring that color back out.

  6. Mustang is with is the only one I would want!!! I had 2 and would love to have a 3rd . Only with a 6 speed! Ford keep this car!!!

  7. Pop rod good. hydraulic crap needs to be replaced after a while, then again, then again… Nice review. Love the car.

  8. I actually test drove the exact car, same color last weekend, however it’s a manual transmission. The asking price was 55k for the base trim. Let’s just say I was gone like the wind afterwards. No thanks…

  9. Can we please stop talking about electric vehicles….. Like seriously, all you YouTubers keep pushing and pushing trying to normalize it. No one wants to go to American Muscle or Carlisle to show off EVs.

  10. Nice blue but it doesn't really suit a Mustang. It makes it look too girly :). I like that mean green over there in the background though.

  11. Sold my 2021 velocity blue mach 1 to buy a 2022 mach 1 in grabber blue. Always wanted a grabber blue mustang

  12. I'm hoping to pull the trigger on a new GT within the next year. All media outlets are stating that the new platform won't debut until 2024. That gives me another year to get the older platform…which is what I want. I hope Ford keeps the purple color they debuted in 2022. I've seen it in person…it is gorgeous. I wouldn't have ever considered purple had I not seen it for myself.

  13. I had a 2021 GT Premium with a manual MT82 transmission. Complete garbage! I could put up with the cheap plastic interior, engine tick and the glitchy electronics, but the drive train was garbage. Kept the GT for 2 months and unloaded it….was a pile of junk. Bought a real car from another manufacturer with a standard TREMEC couldn't be happier…FU FORD! BTW – if you did buy this POS with a MT82 you can join the class action suit!


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