Is The New Ford Bronco Worth The Wait? ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! Is the new Ford …

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  1. Well, you released this video 10 months ago. I'm still waiting for my Bronco, so – I sure am still hoping so 🙂 No, I'm sure it will be! Thanks Tommy

  2. Thank you guys for fantastic videos. BUt special thanks for that one. I’m in KSA now and was choosing between new FJ and Bronco. Decision is done – FJ and bronco will have a chance in few years

  3. You don't know which will be more
    Reliable between ford and Toyota? Yikes. No contest. The FJ will still be on the road decades after the ford is rotting away in a junkyard.

  4. It's going to be a great time for car buyers when auto companies figure out a practical way to eliminate dealerships.

  5. Got a great deal on a 2020 Rubicon and just cancelled my Bronco order. Gonna trade in for a Bronco in a few years if I am still into it

  6. Interestingly I did a quick search for a new Bronco in Mexico and the dealerships are offering them under the MSRP… I wonder why.

  7. I really don't think you know what you talking about you still green behind the ears you think you know a lot but in reality you don't know nothing you or your dad

  8. It’s funny I know people who ordered there’s 13 months ago and they have no idea if they’re going to get it in the next six months to a year even, and many of them are just walking away and buying the Rubicon with the 57 L it’s a no-brainer and the more for your money with that big V-8 The bronco is overpriced for the engine,You got yours but very few people will get theirs in the next year

  9. Name a New model vehicle that Ford has released in the last 10 years that wasn’t a “debacle“ this is why they’re buying back jobs at the factory Ford is in financial distress and they are cooking the books so the public doesn’t see it they are massive amount to the United States government on the other hand general motors a Chrysler paid their back within a few years, the people at Ford are incompetent and they don’t care about the customer they’re worried about the bottom line profits and they’re nine dollar stock

  10. One big advantage of turbo-charged engines in off-road vehicles is they have superior low-RPM torque to naturally aspirated engines. This allows them to power over obstacles without having to rev engines as much.

  11. FJ Cruisers are not comparable to Broncos or Wranglers in terms of off-road capability, customizability, etc. Those 2 directly compete in the most capable off-road SUV class. FJ Cruiser and 4Runner are not as capable, don't have removable roofs and doors and can't be as easily modified. They are a definite step down in off-road capability, though they may meet most people's off-road needs. There's a recent Bronco review on another YouTube channel (GaudinGo) in Tie Rod Canyon, a very challenging trail. The driver, who is a Jeep owner, commented about how FJ Cruisers had to often be recovered on off-road trails because of their lack of off-road capability.

  12. I bought a used JKU back in 2016, put an additional 20k miles on it, and now it would cost me more to buy it than I paid. In today's market I wouldn't buy anything. Mark up is insane on even used FJs and Wranglers. Best advice right now is to just keep driving what you're driving. Fix what's broken, upgrade the stereo, put on a lift kit or some meaty tires, and enjoy it.

  13. Regarding “dealer shenanigans” – those plaid polyester-clad, four square flim-flamning dinosaurs are on their way out. The Tesla model of direct factory sales are the future. We don’t need someone to “check with their manager” or “check-in with us” or ask “what can I do to put you in a new OLDsmobile today” – they DO NOT add any value – they only get between the customer and the vehicle they want to buy. The only way to eliminate said shenanigans is to not play their game. No to pin stripes. No to undercoating. No to paint sealant. No to perp fees, surcharges, carrying costs, delivery costs, advertising costs, regional adjustment fees, etc. I find it hard to believe that this automotive equivalent of 3-card Monte still exists in the 21st century but, as P.T. Barnum said “there’s a sucker born every minute.”. Send these cons packing and help them find new jobs in the lucrative fields of telephone solicitation, aluminum siding sales, carnival barking, politics and exiled Nigerian Princedoms.

  14. Who wouldn’t love to spend $35k on a decade old vehicle! Look the FJ still holds its own but it’s not a realistic option in buying a vehicle today unless you are a collector, or have more dollars than sense.

  15. Excellent take! I also agree with the leasing 4XE. I read a bunch of comments on this on Jalopnik, seems like people are getting outstanding lease deals on them.

  16. Ford hit a home run with this Bronco. I am awaiting to see if Toyota can bring back convertible hardtop in the next gen 4Runner.

  17. They need to use these new trucks in some desert rally’s like how the bronco got its name let’s see how reliable and well built it is ..

  18. Ford dealers are going to destroy the Bronco momentum with crazy ADMs turning customers off and into the dealerships of their competitors.


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