Is this 2020 Ford Raptor the ULTIMATE off road truck BARGAIN?

The Ford Raptor has gone through some changes and updates since the first generation of this off road truck. Under the hood is …

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  1. Man i can´t decide which pickup truck is the best for off-roading the Ram trx or the Raptor i can´t decide

  2. No one buying the raptor has the guts to actually take it off road because of the price. Always a few exceptions.

  3. So I haven't watched the whole video so I don't know the price but who in the hell in the right mind is going to finance a $50,000 vehicle to take an off-road and get scratched up and break stuff who has that kind of money

  4. Love the Raptor always fancied a truck since watching Lee Majors as The Fall Guy on tv. It's a big beast for British roads and good thing it has the parking extras.Grey or agate black just makes it meaner. Thanks for the review.

  5. Completely agree with this review. Buying a raptor new the 801a option is completely the way to go. For options get the torsen 4.10 front diff and you’re good to go cameras if you want to splurge. The 802a is the better used car buy(although there’s no good deal on a used raptor) but new it’s not worth the ~10k premium

  6. I am 13 years old so five years from now the Ford raptor that exact model is gonna be cheap and I would be really surprised that if the price stays the same

  7. @Raiti’s Ride pick one…

    #1 – 2013 Raptor, 55k miles, immaculate condition for $48k


    #2 – 2020 Raptor shown in the video.


  8. Another great review. I sold my 2017 Scat Pack for a new 2019 black Raptor for $54k . I just totaled my FJ Cruiser when a druck driver hit me at a red light. Now I am going to take the insurance money and my 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 R/T and buy a second 2019 Raptor in leadfoot gray for $56k! Suck It!!

  9. $64k?? I'll take my Trail Boss with the 6.2l and 435hp/460lbs torque with factory performance cold air intake/exhaust for $10k less and it's still a V8 with all options but sunroof and leather which I did not want.

  10. Nice truck but I am still enjoying my 2020Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL for off road. Maybe in a few years.

  11. Very helpful video. I like how you tell us what we are missing and what specs the truck has. Very very helpful video

  12. As a Ram fan, the Raptor almost pulls me into a Ford truck. The price keeps me out because I really don’t need an off road race truck. However, it’s an awesome vehicle that looks even better in person.

  13. Yeah, it is more off road capable. But my 2020 tundra will last alot longer and won't break down. That's why I drive a tundra

  14. Ford should have put a supercharged 5.0 in the raptor, like the GT500. More horse power, more tuorqe and it sounds much better.


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