Jaguar I-Pace | Advanced Equipment

Can a Jaguar really get a powerful Tesla? Watch and learn how Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine tells you everything you would like to ….

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  1. £4500 in government incentive? Wow they cheapened out since then, now it’s £2500 and only on cars under 39k(?)

  2. Imagine day before the shooting day, Top Gear crew leaves the car recharging at night but morning when they return back to car in morning they find the charger is unplugged.

  3. Hey proud Brit, you tortured and looted India shamelessly for 200 years and now an Indian company called TATA owns JLR. I think it should not be so proud moment for you.

  4. It may interest you to read 'The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy
    and digital technologies’ by Guillaume Pitron before Jaguar go down the very
    expensive and potentially more environmentally damaging route of all electric
    cars. In essence, the very rare metals these cars need are mined in third world
    countries with appalling conditions for their work force. They require
    significant quantities of rock to be extracted to get the minute quantities of
    metal that will e extracted per tonne. They are very polluting to extract and
    then there is the loss of land scape, food production land and habitat . Then
    there is the re-cycling at the end of the life, or the lack there of.
    Scientists say we will be lucky if we can re-cycle just 10% of the rare metals
    used in these battery powered vehicles.

  5. The service in SPAIN is sorry. Never by one un quadis is worst than Škoda service . 3 times going to be able to have the timer Working for chargin AND still don’t have it. They call you to pass the general service weeks after you pass them ….

  6. Best daily ever, looks stunning, WAY quicker than the 0-62 than the numbers imply, it’s smaller than you think, the interior is quality and the back fits a full size person, you can floor it and picks up faster than ANY sports car, It’s been dead reliable and just plugged into a 13amp socket every night I never go further than 60 miles a day short of a road trip and even then when I go for a waz in the bog and grab a coffee it charges 80% in half an hour, by the time you walk to the services, do the things that’s 20 minutes, it’s full battery again

  7. Now that the XJ has gone out of production, I think this is the best looking car Jaguar currently make, better looking than the F-Type even I think and has the nicest interior too.

  8. I dunno, for the feel of driving, I'd take the I-pace over the Tesla, because, it embodies the fun of driving, and as they said, the interior, is, well, a work of pure art.

  9. Only downside I read and hear is a lack of charging stations, up to 8hrs charge if this is correct, til more charging stations became available, even at your place of work, to charge whilst working, as person's living in flats, on road parking with no option to charge from a charger fitted to their home's is a issue to resolve to the future of electric or (your local city jag dealership would collect your ev from your home, to take it to the dealership with a charge station at their dealership, for you.. to charge it for 8hrs, and then return it to you once charged up or a courtesy car whilst yours charge) with a focus on a build of lower charging time's, also, but I love it, and the best styling of a electric car, I've seen at present


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