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How does the new Jaguar XFR compare to the BMW M5? The only way to know if Jeremy Clarkson is releasing Above ….

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  1. I own an XFR and I can only say it's one of the most astonishing cars I have ever driven and I have driven alot!!! Soooooo comfortable quiet and unassuming… but the instant speed of this thing from zero revs in any gear is just sublime it will blitz anything it comes across with sure footed handling… I wanted to be critical of this car but it just keeps impressing me with its abilities…

  2. I recently was in front of a 5 series through customs in my XF and was waved through while he was stopped. I thought, is that because I'm in my Jaaaag 🙂

  3. Bmw better looking? Somebody here needs glasses….The Jag is way better looking! I have 510 ps XJ 5,0 Supercharged 2011….108.000 km and no problems. Fantastic car!

  4. Drove one of these today. Such a soft ride, but giving it a womp in 2nd snaps your head back. Me likey. 13-15k CAD for 510 HP? Mmm

  5. A moment of silence for the supercharged AJ-V8. Few engines can be as exciting over nearly 15 years of service as this one

  6. Anyone notice how there's 'soft focus' during the chase with the M5 and how Clarkson flashes the hazards coming out of the tyre smoke? Brilliant reference to his Police Challenge Fiat Turbo!

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