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Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond answer listening questions ….

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  1. Any one else pick up James's error when taking a about the Cadillac? first he says "I was behind Richard as he drove on to the track then "I sounded the horn and looked at him in my rear view mirror" behind Richard? rear view mirror?

  2. very rich of clarkson criticising someones hair when his looks like shaved off pubic hair on the bathroom floor

  3. Funny thing is i always knew hammond would answer his favorite car from the special is OLIVER but at 0:05 i didnt expect that boy would be name oliver to xD what a coincidence HAHAHA

  4. I like how he mentioned James' shoes but didn't zero in on that horrid shirt lol.. Richard brushed by it in a comment but I just laughed thinking between the two he picked the shoes lol.. Geez

  5. I just realized that whenever someone has just finished saying something someone else starts almost immediately so that there are no awkward silence

  6. Never heard that train crossing story. Surprised James would do something so puerile, but I think that makes it all the more amusing

  7. the one where they rode the motorcycles/scooters across where ever it was in south east asia, that one made me laugh the whole time, or the part where they had to build the bridge and found out it was called the river cock

  8. clarkson,may Hammond the best from the best I keep watching every thing from tv or you tube and each time it's great

  9. "We chose them from home" wow….. Thanks May! Way to spoil it for us! I know it's a TV show and a lot is staged, but don't ruin everything


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