Jeremy Clarkson Rides with the British Army Bobsleigh Team | Speed ​​| Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson gets his first real taste of fear when, he joins the British Army’s Bobsleigh team for a ride. Hair-raising clip taken … .

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  1. I believe it was in Britain where 3 teenage boys hopped the fence to a bob sled tack and went down on skateboards are were all killed because of a line that had been drawn across the track for maintenance. Horrible

  2. 4:13 Never did I think this would help me learn about The Return Trip Effect (the Anticipation Account theory specifically) in my communications class in college.

  3. The doctor is so on point about everything he says. Jeremy's always been an anti social brat who grew up upper middle class and has shown little remorse for his co presenters throughout the show. Especially towards James.

  4. For those wondering, Jezza did get in the sled on one of the runs but the one you see on tape is with him at the back on his phone when they take off. He narrated his experience and they dubbed it over another run for some reason.

  5. When I was in the Police force, we did several things for various charities. One of them being parachuting. We trained with the Armed services at the Joint Services Parachute Centre at Netheravon probably 28 years ago. I enjoyed it so much, I returned a couple of weeks later to jump again. The Instructors were pleased to see me and after jumping again, put me on a parachute packing course, which was great. I continued jumping there for a while until meeting my fiancé (now wife), who wasn't interested in joining me, so I gave up. However, I wanted to do other things and tried to get a group together so that we could do the Cresta Run for charity. We never did, but I look back on that time with amazement that I didn't have the fear that I do now!

  6. I did the Lake Placid Olympic Bobsled run. It was a super fast 45 seconds with no time to think, just time to quickly experience with no fear.. when it was over, I was ecstatic and much of nothing but WOW for the next 30 minutes. There is no time to think.This video is over emphasised for tv.

  7. I've only seen the title and am typing this as the ad is playing. All I could think was Jeremy saying "What could possibly go wrong?"

    After watching this video: I think Hammond should use this on him every time Jeremy brings up his accidents behind the wheel.

    Jeremy: Can you think of anything worse than you behind the wheel?
    Richard: We can try bobsledding!
    Jeremy: ……On that bombshell, it's time to end.

  8. what exactly does it even take to be an expert bobsledder? because to me it just looks like you sit there and do nothing


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