Jodie Kidd Interview And Lap | Top Gear

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  1. Undoubtedly in the top 5 interviews EVER on top gear, perhaps only slightly behind David Ten-Inch.. uh, Tennant
    Amazing lass and seems like a super genuine person, wish her well in whatever ventures she has going on all these years later

  2. Why are so called super models not attractive, have horrific bodies and never have a rack?! It does baffle me that this industry promotes the opposite of what the vast majority of men find attractive, in an industry that is built primarily around what men find sexy!

  3. Jodie just said in her own channel, Kidd in a sweet shop, that her love of driving really fast cars started with this appearance on Top Gear.

  4. If you look at her today it's obvious that she has never been truly beautiful.

  5. Not only did she knock JK off the board, but that is the best sounding lap off the track in the Suzuki ever. She nailes it perfectly on to the top of the register from the instant she drops the clutch. And keeps the thing there through out the entire lap. And that is some serious car control, being fast in a very slow car and that agressive despite the short comings of that subframe and suspension.

    Not many could do the same. And none did in front of the camera. That is Erik Carlsson type 2-stoker Saab school driving, that is the art of ragging a lazy bitch to the very ends of the earth and beyond what its designers even thought possible. Much like Carlsson in his Rapid Attack Pear, competing with Minies with twice and sometimes three times the horses and certainly keeping the thing floored 100% of the time. And unlike Carlsson or Gambon she didn't even come near toppling the thing on its roof.

    Proper petrol head. 🙂

  6. As a father of all girls i'm sat here with a tear in my eye at her reaction.and performance. She's one beautiful person inside and out.

  7. Jodie now has her own car show on Youtube meanwhile Clarkson became a farmer. Who would have expected that?


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