Keep quiet and drive, Phase 2 – Phase 1 – Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

This Shut Up and Drive section features Justin Bell and Townsend Bell running Lexus IS F SPORT on Whidbey Island. .

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  1. The only thing I notice was the first guy had it in normal drive and A/C AND THE OTHET IN SPORT PLUS AND HE WON BUT JUST A COUPLE OF SECONDS!! I think there’s no difference??????

  2. ईमानदारी से मुझे यह कार पसंद है और मैं निकट भविष्य में इसे खरीदने पर विचार कर रहा हूं

  3. I am sold and this will be my next car after my lease is up. I like to lease because I become board with my car after two years and plus my business pays for it and the lease tax is claimable on my tax return. Currently I have 2015 Mercedes C 300 Sport sedan loaded and black on black. Also I like the new changes on the car for 2017 and who knows what changes the car will have in 2018


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