Kia EV6 v Toyota bZ4X: Which is BEST?

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  1. Don't even bother.
    Believe it or not, current Japanese EV's are basically nothing more than Chinese rebrand.
    Whereas Hyundai and Kia's are in whole another league.
    Do some research and you'll know why Japan just can't move from petrol to EV.

  2. Kia/Hyundai have come a long way. The only thing that’s still in Toyota’s favor is reliability supported by decades of proven records. Kia/Hyundai still suffers from reputation problem because how fast their rise are and just a few years ago, their car was widely hated for being cheap & unreliable. So there are still few years for Toyota to play catch-ups. If Toyota doesn’t catch up before Kia/Hyundai slowly but surely raising their reputation, Toyota will be in huge trouble b/c their target audience largely overlaps.

  3. Don't believe some positive comments about Hyundai too much, they most likely lie, do some research first cause I still haven't see kia or hyundai cars without reliability problem. Even their new ev lineups just got sent back for software glitches.

  4. "Kia and Hyundai have recalled the all-electric EV6 and Ioniq 5 crossovers due to a software glitch that can result in the car rolling when in a parked position. The recall, which affects 315 EV6s and 578 Ioniq 5s, states the fault is a software issue with the Shift Control Unit (SCU)" so still the durability is still problem

  5. I would not buy a car which has a real chance the wheels fall of while driving at any speed. So no Toyota for me, also their attitude and announcements concerning EV's over the years make me doubt how much effort they put into their EV's (ironic considering the wheels fall off their first EV and they had to recall it).

  6. not even close EV6 all the way. Bz4x charges like a slug, and the wheels don't even stay on. Toyora lost me as a customer.

  7. i live in hot country and for that reason i will choose toyota. the battery in toyota is solid, you can charge it much faster without over heating.
    the battery is less likely to damage, much liter than regular lithium and it have (toyota) best service ever.

  8. The Kia will look tacky and dated pretty quickly, so I’d have the Toyota, which is well made and practical

  9. You should also mention that the kia can not go through water up to 500mm and cannot go off road like the toyota can. the kia would be found wanting

  10. Great advertisement of quality there when just folding down seats. That's my worry with this brand, things seem to go wrong

  11. After 12 years that toyota would still be on the highway while that kia willbe on some random junk yard

  12. The Nissan Ariya is a brutal competitor. Very good car. Smaller but same Platform: Megane E. Very, very quiet car, very well made. I guess Kia first, Ariya directly behind, then Bz4. Just my view.

  13. I think we need to focus on the motor power as well. Kia uses a stronger motor, but it goes a similar distance.

  14. the kia fells like a toy to me, it's fancy everywhere, maybe better looking but man… a car that comes out of the factory with already something to be fixed doesn't feel very reliable… Toyota in the other hand means reliability. Sure the Kia may be slightly better looking and its performance is sure better (0-60 at least) but it's pricier and for such small differences I would honestly go with the Toyota if I had to buy it new. I just don't like being at the mechanic every week even when the car is new.

  15. “I’d way rather have the Kia than the Toyota”
    Something I never would’ve said 10 years ago. Wow how times have changed!

  16. The funny thing will come after some years of use. Then someone will cry about the battery, but not the one with the Panasonic battery. Future will show us the truth…

  17. The Toyota is sooo lame in every department. The charging speed is terrible. 3.5kwh/mile for such a low power engine is embarrassing.

  18. Currently, the useful life of a drive battery is five years; every five years, more than £6,000 are needed. Toyota's proposal is to control battery life through a residual value lease.

  19. 私は日本人ですが、今回はキアの方が上だと思いました。韓国車が日本車を抜かすときも近いのかもしれませんね。

  20. All Electric vehicles MUST be re-tested after 3 years and then again after 7 years. Then you'll see if it was worth the money since battery range will be dropping like there is no tomorrow 😛


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