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This is the new Kia Niro. It’s a striking hatchback that combines the practicality of a crossover with the eco-cred of a clever hybrid… .

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  1. Driven prius and Niro hybrid. Prius is better in fuel efficiency, more strong, gear stick is east to use. large boot. But it’s seat will give you back pain. Niro gear stick is shit for hybrid , good seats, less boot space. But good in driving.

  2. I hate Limey car reviews where everything is on the wrong side of the cars and the call the hood a "bonnet ". England is so gay.

  3. My Hyundai Ioniq 69plate makes the same noise @07:30 and it f***ing annoying. is there anyways to get rid off it. anyone else have this problem

  4. Great review, what would you advise. This car 2nd hand with 58k on it. Or a new hyundai i20, I know the i20 is smaller but they are both the same price in my country

  5. Perhaps the strange noise the car makes when "creeping" is due to the fact that it is not good for a dual clutch transmission to be made to do this.

  6. This guy's kind of negative . I've had 19 Niro hev for a couple of years It's a great car. .

  7. Hi there, I like your tests very much. Is it possible for you do do a comparence test with Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid/ Niro hybrid. Because that is what Im going choose from when I buy on of these in the fall

  8. 1. Hybrid doesn’t have spare wheel due to the battery taking up that space. (Likely)

    2. The sound of the brakes is actually regulatory in some markets where on electric power, the car has to make some noise to alert pedestrians

  9. The bottle test is so F OVERDONE now. Please stop it. Drives me f crazy. Who gives a flying fishcake about it. No one.

  10. If you like the looks of the Niro here are a few other advantages over the ugly competitors. I own 2019 Red touring Niro hybrid and LOVE it.
    The other cars reviewed here have CVT transmissions. The Niro has sport mode, dual clutch, which makes it feel like a 200 horsepower car .The battery delivers like it's turbocharged. I can drive 500 miles on a tank of gas and get 45 miles per gallon while driving in excess of 75 miles per hour. My previous four banger turbo cars never got over 24 miles per gallon when exceeding 70. The touring package, sporty wheels bigger tires
    make this such a smooth handling car.. Here's a Big Suggestion for KIA . Make power adjustable seats available instead of putting glass sunroofs
    in that just make the car hotter in summer. Living in California we get plenty of sun without having a sunroof. Front seat comfortable seats
    should be an option, even on the least costly models.


  11. Sodium Chloride I remember going into the Chemist I asked for Sodium Bicarbonate they never knew what it was.

  12. Thank you, Mat, for the best reviews and they're all delivered with a clear British accent. It's not surprising that your videos are followed by so many people for whom English is not their first language.

  13. The noise of the Niro reminded me of the sound of Martians in the last version of the movie War of the Worlds


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