Kia Stinger Walkaround | Advanced Equipment

Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine drives you around Kia Stinger. Kia’s first rear-wheel drive car, made by ….

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  1. Just dumped my mkvi golf R for a 2018 singer gt2… no regrets…. my wife was worried since I am such a VAG fan, but after SHE drove it she looked and me and knew.. na… I won't miss the R.

  2. This was amateurish at best. The Kia Stinger is proving more reliable than that stupid wireless microphone…

  3. This is the only Kia Stinger GT review that’s stated the interior middle console is ‘plastic pretending to be metal’?

  4. This is the worst car you will ever find……… U need to engine swap it to reach 209km/h in a speed trap in Forza Horizon 4….. TRASH!!!!!!

  5. Worst car review show on earth! I hate this guy and the way he is and does the review. Top Gear is just a joke.

  6. The sad thing is if this car could embarrass a RS6 but cost the same as A1 I couldn't see myself buying one I'm just a badge snob.

  7. So what’s the safety rating on this car? Everyone keeps quite on that! I would rather have a safe car rather than a fast one.but if you have the money you car have both

  8. the specs on this car sure sounds great but I just cant get over the look of this car. I dont like it at all. its bulky and odd shaped. Kia should have come up with a sleaker design imo. Did you notice I didnt say "its still a kia?"

  9. البرنامج رائع جدا جدا بس ما دا يطلع بل القنوات العربيه انا من متابعين البرنامج من 2014

  10. Thumbs down – more evidence of how downhill Top Gear’s videos have gone. Walk arounds and stupid drag races. What about some real car reviews?!

  11. nice and low sitting, you little guy are looking trough the holes of the steering wheel and still seeing the spedometer


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